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  • Registered Co.Xeta Networks Pvt Ltd
  • Registered StateKolkata
  • Certified byiTech Labs, SSL
  • Inception30/12/2017


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Poker Dangal ‘Where Skills Meet Fortune’, is an India based gaming platform which endeavors to redefine poker in India . A recent entrant in the ever expansive online poker industry.Poker Dangal is true to its name. Poker Dangal’s guiding principal is to develop the online gaming industry in India ensuring a safe, reliable and fun ecosystem for its players. Poker Dangal has recently launched “Dangal ATM” with instant currency feature with withdrawals hitting your bank account within 30 secs.

Poker Dangal, launched an year ago, has gained immense popularity among the Indian poker fans due to its unique instant currency withdrawal feature, while also maintaining the standard regular withdrawal. Poker Dangal also offers unique tournaments to its customers with overwhelming response.

Overall PIG Rating
User Interface 8 Poker Dangal offers a unique and soothing interface to its customers.
Account Opening Forms And Norms Terms And Conditions ID Verification Pan Verification Address Verification Bank Account Verification App Download 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Registration with the Poker Dangal is very easy. Dangal terms and policies are well-explained on their site. A must government issued ID verification with Dangal is smooth. PAN verification with Dangal can be easily done via providing details. Poker Dangal easily verifies their customers address. Bank account verification is a must and smoothly done with the Poker Dangal. App download is easy and well explained on the site for various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.
Play Options via Instant Play via Desktop via Mobiles 8 9 8 Poker Dangal provides a simple option of instant play on their sites without downloading their software. Dangal's desktop/laptop app is well designed for the overall better experience. Mobile app is easily downloadable for the play from the website.
Tournaments Offered Freeroll Micro Mid High 8 9 9 8 Poker Dangal offers multiple tournaments with zero buyin , where a player can play , win and boost their stack/bankroll. Multiple micro level tournaments are offered on the site. Mid level tournaments are among the most prominent on the Poker Dangal. Some of the most decent high stake tournaments are operated by the Poker Dangal.
Tournament Structure Regular Turbo Freeze Out 8 9 6 Various regular tournaments are operated on the site 24*7. Turbo tourneys are a must try out on the Poker Dangal. Few but good freeze out tourneys runs on Poker Dangal.
Cash Games Offered Micro Mid High 9 9 8 Poker Dangal offers suitable micro stake cash tables 24*7. Mid stake cash tables are prominent on Poker Dangal. Poker Dangal runs some of the best high stake cash tables.
Overall Traffic Daily Traffic Weekly Traffic Monthly Traffic 8 9 9 Poker Dangal experiences a decent daily traffic on their website. Weekly traffic experienced on Dangal is among the best in Indian poker sites. Within a year Dangal manages to garner a good monthly traffic.
Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Perks And Benefits Mode Of Deposit Special Offers 10 8 8 9 8 Poker Dangal allows its users to start online poker with a minimum deposit of Rs 100/- Poker Dangal gives preference to its valuable customers and the slabs are decided depending upon player to player. Poker Dangal offers its customers special offers depending on the amount deposited at a single instance. Deposits could be made via internet banking, credit and debit card and other online payment modes. Poker Dangal offers its customers special offers depending on the amount deposited at a single instance.
Withdrawal Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Limitations Average Withdrawal Time 10 8 8 10 Minimum amount withdrawable is Rs 50/- Instant cashouts happen for any amount less than 9999/- . Withdrawals more than 9999/- is processed within 2 working days which may be liable for 30% TDS. Instant cash out feature can be used to a maximum of 3 times in 24 hours. Instant currency cashouts are guaranteed to reach your bank account within 30 secs. Regular currency requests are processed within 2 working days.
TDS 10 As per the government norms, 30% TDS is to be deducted for any amount exceeding Rs 10,000/-
Customer Support Response Time Customer Friendliness Feedbacks And Reviews 9 9 8 Caters its customers with priority and serves a quick response time. Customer support is good . Support : 8448759758/8368388531 ; Poker Dangal is gaining good feedback and reviews from the poker fans all over the nation.
Collusion / Fraud Protection Auto Via Backend - 8 Provides collusion/fraud protection for its customers via backend.
Playing Experience Cash Tables Tournament Tables 8 8 Playing cash tables in Dangal is smooth and the best part is the instant currency feature which guarantees withdrawals in 30 secs. Poker Dangal offers various micro and mid level tournaments where players can compete/show their skill against each other to build up their bankroll.
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Why Choose Poker Dangal?

1. Mobile app is also available for the play which can be easily downloaded from the website.
2. Poker Dangal offers multiple tournaments with zero buyin, where a player can play, win and boost their stack/bankroll.
3. Multiple micro level tournaments are offered on the site .
4. An intermediate level tournaments is among the most popular level of tournaments in Indian poker
5. Poker Dangal provides customizable standard tournaments within the offerings.
6. Instant Cashout to your bank account with in 30 sec.
7. Great customer support, Instant connect from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Sunday.

Users Review

“ amazing playing experience” Kunal Gupta