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  • Registered Co.K365 Web Assets Pvt. Ltd.
  • Registered StateNagaland
  • Certified byiTech Labs
  • Inception2014-04-16


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  • Poker

Khelo 365 is regarded as the first legal online poker gaming website. A secured and fair gaming experience is provided to the customers while they are interested in multiplayer tournaments and games.


The registration for playing games here is easy and verification of government ID as per Indian Standards are required. The site is friendly with good customer support anti-fraudulent measures.

Overall PIG Rating
User Interface 9 A smooth interface designed to haul the best user experience.
Account Opening Forms And Norms Terms And Conditions ID Verification Pan Verification Address Verification Bank Account Verification App Download 8 9 9 9 9 8 8 Registering with Khelo 365 is easy and smooth. Simple and understandable terms and conditions make the website perfect for use. A mandatory ID verification with Khelo 365 can be easily verified. PAN verification is a must for taxing system transparency. Khelo 365 ensures that. Address can be easily verified with Khelo 365 with pre-defined structure. Linking bank account is a piece of cake with Khelo 365. Easy to register the details, with smooth flow of transactions. Downloading the app is easy and can be used throughout all platforms.
Play Options via Instant Play via Desktop via Mobiles 9 9 9 Instant play without download is allowed on the platform. Desktop/Laptop app is designed as per to cater the smooth playing experience. Khelo 365 mobile apps are designed to best suit the player needs.
Tournaments Offered Freeroll Micro Mid High 6 7 7 6 Khelo 365 offers over a dozen freerolls in a day. Micro tournaments is one of the specialty of the Khelo 365, a must experience for the poker fans. Mid stake tournaments run large in numbers and offers better prize pools. Khelo 365 offers few good high stake tournaments.
Tournament Structure Regular Turbo Freeze Out 6 7 5 Khelo 365 offers standard regular tables. Khelo 365 turbo tournaments are decent and a must try experience. Few standard freeze out tournaments are offered by Khelo 365.
Cash Games Offered Micro Mid High 9 10 9 Cash games runs deep 24*7 in Khelo 365. To experience the best mid stake cash tables, Khelo 365 is the platform to be landed. Some of the deep high stake tables run on this site 24*7.
Overall Traffic Daily Traffic Weekly Traffic Monthly Traffic 9 10 10 Khelo 365 being a pioneer experiences a good quality daily based traffic on their platform. Khelo 365 experiences an awesome weekly traffic setting benchmark for other Indian poker sites. Monthly traffic on Khelo 365 is phenomenal.
Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Perks And Benefits Mode Of Deposit Special Offers 10 9 7 8 7 INR 100 is the minimum amount that anyone can deposit and start off with the games . Maximum deposit depends upon individual players Considerable perks and benefits can be avail on user deposits. All online mode of deposits are accepted on this site. Occasional standard special offers can be avail on Khelo 365.
Withdrawal Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Limitations Average Withdrawal Time 10 8 7 7 The minimum cashout amount is INR 100. The maximum redeemable amount is Rs.49,900. ID verification is must to for payment processing All cashout requests within two business day.
TDS 10 As per the government norms, 30% TDS is to be deducted for any amount exceeding Rs 10,000.
Customer Support Response Time Customer Friendliness Feedbacks And Reviews 8 9 8 Caters its customers with priority and serves a quick response time Customer support is good . Support : 7200077220 ; Khelo365 poker has a good feedback and reviews from poker fans all over the country
Collusion / Fraud Protection Auto Via Backend - -
Playing Experience Cash Tables Tournament Tables 9 8 Among the best playing experience for cash tables can be avail. Stake size varies extremely on Khelo 365. Khelo 365 tournament playing experience is best and a must to be tried.
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Why Choose Khelo 365?

Khelo 365 is one of the pioneer Indian poker sites who gave a push start to the industry. Khelo 365 understands the in-depth aspects of the Indian poker market and its needs. With the growing industry, Khelo 365 is also adapting and evolving as per Indian market needs.

Khelo 365 offers some of the best cash games for its customers. At any given point of time multiple cash games across various stakes runs through out the day and the multi-variant cash tables are among the best in the Indian poker industry.

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“ wassup guys. how r days these days ?😜” Navneet Khare