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Calling Station is an online poker platform which offers a fun poker experience . Poker enthusiasts will get a whole range of games and tournaments to participate and win exciting offers. The term ‘ Calling Station ‘ is used in jest for a particular kind of poker player who irrespective of any spot or position will CALL any bets. Calling Station represents that fun part of the sport which connects people and makes it an enjoyable experience.

As the tag line runs, “The Next Poker Destination” – Calling Station is fast developing itself  with the best quality customer service and experience. The number of registered users in the website along with the active players is a huge base thus showing the popularity of the same. Calling Station is also unique for its instant payment options.

Overall PIG Rating
User Interface 8 Smooth interface with easy navigation option.
Account Opening Forms And Norms Terms And Conditions ID Verification Pan Verification Address Verification Bank Account Verification App Download 9 8 9 9 8 8 8 Registration is simple and hassle free. Terms of use clearly describes the Calling Station policies. Government ID can be easily verified via uploading the mentioned documents. PAN can be verified via uploading the image file. Address Verification is easy and can be done by providing the details. Bank account verification with Calling Station is secure, transparent and smooth. Easy app download option for the users of windows, android and iOS.
Play Options via Instant Play via Desktop via Mobiles 8 8 8 Play without downloading the software via links from their website. Desktop and laptop apps are available for perfect gaming. Downloading the mobile app is easy from their website.
Tournaments Offered Freeroll Micro Mid High 8 7 4 - Calling Station offers multiple freeroll tourney to their users. Micro stake tourneys run in quantuum Few mid stake tourney's are offered by the Calling Station.
Tournament Structure Regular Turbo Freeze Out - 7 - Calling station offers some decent turbo tourney's to its customers.
Cash Games Offered Micro Mid High 7 8 8 Vivid micro stake cash tables are run by the Calling Station. Mid stake cash tables are good on the Calling Station. Calling Station high stake tables run deep.
Overall Traffic Daily Traffic Weekly Traffic Monthly Traffic 7 8 8 Calling Station experiences a decent daily traffic on their platform. Overall weekly traffic is good on the Calling Station. Monthly Traffic is good on the site.
Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Perks And Benefits Mode Of Deposit Special Offers 10 9 8 8 8 A minimum deposit of Rs 1/- rs is allowed. Preferences are offered to the players and slabs differ from one player to another. Depending on the amount of deposit, Calling station offers tickets and free entries to the players. Payment are accepted via internet banking, wallets, credit and debit cards. Offers are provided to the users depending on the amount of money deposited at one go.
Withdrawal Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Limitations Average Withdrawal Time 7 9 7 10 An amount of Rs. 500/- is the minimum withdrawal that a person can make. The maximum amount has no upper limit while without TDS an amount of Rs. 30,000/- could be withdrawn in the form of 3 transactions of the amount of Rs 9,999/- each. ID verification is must to for payment processing and can be easily done with this site. The payment is processed within 10 seconds.
TDS 10 30% TDS is to be deducted for any amount exceeding Rs 25,000.
Customer Support Response Time Customer Friendliness Feedbacks And Reviews 9 9 8 The customers are served on a priority basis and for a quick response time from 9:00 AM to 10 P.M. The customers can get in touch either by mailing to - or filling up the request form in Contact Us Page. Feedback and reviews - good/bad earned from the players are showcased in the site.
Collusion / Fraud Protection Auto Via Backend 6 - There are various fraud and collusion protection for the members.
Playing Experience Cash Tables Tournament Tables 7 7 Perfect tournaments for players to increase their stacks. Best tournaments are offered for the fans.
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Why Choose Calling Station?

Calling Station mark its USP via Instant Cash Withdrawal within 30 seconds. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn per day has has no upper limit while without TDS an amount of Rs 30,000/- could be withdrawn in the form of 3 transactions of Rs 9,999/- each, that too instantly.

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