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This website has introduced itself using the title “Poker Online | Fantasy Cricket Daily | Play Online & Login – Baadshah Gaming”. The biggest apprehension playing on such sites is security. It is easy to load, easy to configure and easy to play. A no hassle affair. Totally user friendly. Easy on the eyes and egar on the fingers!

Baadshah Gaming is in the most recent line of succession of the Indian online poker sites. With its vivid tournaments structure and cash table stakes, the site is gaining ground among the Indian poker fans.

Overall PIG Rating
User Interface 9 Baadshah Gaming has a smooth interface with good colour combination and navigation options.
Account Opening Forms And Norms Terms And Conditions ID Verification PAN Verification Address Verification Bank Account Verification App Download 9 9 8 8 8 9 9 Baadshah Poker clearly describes its policies on its website. Baadshah terms and conditions are clearly described and easily understand. Any government photo ID can be easily verified with the Baadshah Poker. PAN card is easy to be verified via providing the required inputs. Updating address with an e-copy is important and can be easily done with the Baadshah Poker. Bank account can be easily verified via entering the required details. Baadshah Poker app can be easily downloaded from their website.
Play Options via Instant Play via Desktop via Mobiles 9 9 9 Baadshah Gaming provides a simple option of instant play on their sites without downloading their software. Desktop/Laptop app can be easily downloaded from the Baadshah Poker website. Mobile app is also available for the play which can be easily downloaded from the website.
Tournaments Offered Freeroll Micro Mid High - 7 5 - Baadshah Poker offers some of the good micro stake tournaments on their website. Baadshah Poker offers few mid stake tournaments with a decent prize pool.
Tournament Structure Regular Turbo Freeze Out - 7 - Turbo tournaments are a specialty of the Baadshah Poker.
Cash Games Offered Micro Mid High 6 6 5 Baadshah Poker offers some decent micro stake cash tables. Mid stake cash tables are prominent on this site. Baadshah Poker offers few good high stake cash tables.
Overall Traffic Daily Traffic Weekly Traffic Monthly Traffic 6 7 7 Baadshah Poker experiences a decent daily traffic on their site. Recently launched, Baadshah poker is garnering the weekly traffic everyday on its site. Baadshah Poker is experiencing an increase in the monthly traffic on its website with the increasing popularity.
Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Perks And Benefits Mode Of Deposit Special Offers 10 8 8 7 8 INR 100 is the minimum amount that anyone can deposit and start off with the games. No maximum limit on the deposit. The site offers multiple tickets and free entries to a variety of tournaments filtered by the amount of deposit. Deposits could be made via internet banking, credit and debit card and other online payment modes. Baadshah Gaming offers its customers special offers depending on the amount deposited at a single instance.
Withdrawal Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Limitations Average Withdrawal Time 7 8 8 8 The minimum cashout amount is INR 500. The maximum amount has no upper limit. No limitations on the number of daily deposits that can be made on the site. All cashout requests within one business day.
TDS 10 As per the government norms, 30% TDS is to be deducted for any amount exceeding Rs 10,000/-
Customer Support Response Time Customer Friendliness Feedbacks And Reviews 8 8 7 Caters its customers with priority and serves a quick response time. Customer support is good. Support : 1 800 123 GAME (4263) , Baadshah Gaming is gaining good feedback and reviews from the poker fans all over the country.
Collusion / Fraud Protection Auto Via Backend - 7 Provides collusion/fraud protection for its customers via backend.
Playing Experience Cash Tables Tournament Tables 7 8 Cash tables experience is user friendly. Baadshah Poker Tournament is a must try among the latest Indian poker sites.
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Why Choose Baadshah Poker?

1) Baadshah Gaming platform is secure and a smooth interface to experience.
2) Fresh competitions for pro and amateur players.
3) Play for free rolls and high stakes games that will boost your stakes.
4) Baadshah offers you the scope to improve your gaming skills with perfect gaming ambiance and smooth transaction while depositing and withdrawing!

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