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Poker is a skill game and a mind sport. Poker involves strategies, approach and sometimes algorithm. Poker is a game based on mathematics. It involves probability, permutation and combination, Binomial Theorem and ratio and proportion to name few topics. Indians are known for their mathematical calculations and scientific approach. With the increased popularity of the game in the present times, especially among the younger generation, the nation is experiencing the mass interest for this amazing mind sport.

In recent years, many fresh poker companies in the form of start-ups popped up across the nation and within a span of few months turned into a profit making companies providing a safe and viable platform to play online poker. With an unregulated governmental guideline, the poker as a mind-sport still has miles to go. However, keeping the interest of the Indian masses and human respect for the mathematical science, the government recently formed a committee to lay down the comprehensive guidelines for the regulation of the mind-sport poker. The decision of the government is appreciable. The final outcome is yet to be delivered.

Every poker platform has their own modus operandi to operate and function. Each platform offers multiple gifts and returns to their players depending on the greater participation and the various stakes of games played.

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