11 Tips to Become a Better Poker Player in India

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  • 12 July,2019

Being a successful poker player needs more than just learning the strategy and establishing a solid theoretical base.  After you have studied the game and reached a good skill level, you still need to work more things to develop an edge and able to crush them. Some habits you should have to go further than the poker tables. It is important to have a balanced life and mind to achieve the goals as a poker player.  Poker Indian Group, an Online Poker News India brings 5 tips to learn the technical aspects of winning strategy to become a better poker player.

  1. Sleep well

Lack of sleep can cause irritation and increase the chances of being distracted and disrupt your thinking.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet before and during the poker sessions can help you with your performance and focus.  Heavy food can make you feel distracted and tired.  Choose options that are lighter and also better for you.

  1. Work out

Besides being a healthy habit to have, working out daily can help you sleep better enable you to have better control over your emotions and moods and make sure that you feel fresh during a long poker session.

  1. Practice yoga or meditation

To control your emotions during the game, you should have a well-trained mind, Meditation or yoga can help you to become titles or at least be able to avoid tilt on a more frequent basis.

  1. Take breaks

You should always take some break during the poker sessions. Stretch, walk a bit, drink water and clear yours to mind. Your performance and focus when your return to the poker table will improve.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Your thinking process will be affected highly if you play drunk or hungover.

  1. Stay off your phone

Staying glued to your phone during the session means that you are not paying any attention to details like potential tells and other information available to you as hands are playing out. Every information you gather about your opponents is valuable and help you make profitable decisions.

  1. Review your session

Take some time after you play to work on your leaks. The best way to do this is to take notes about doubtful moments that come up during the poker session and review the decisions later.

  1. Table selection

You should be thoughtful while selecting the tables before you take a seat. Don’t jump into the game without taking a look at who you are playing against. Try to avoid joining games in which you are going to be without too much of an edge.

  1. Take a day off

The human brain is not a machine. You can’t turn it on and leave it running endlessly without fatigue setting in. Playing more doesn’t mean necessarily to profit more. Take some free time to have fun away from the tables. It will keep you motivated and playing well when you return to the game again.

  1. Keep a strong mindset

How often do you think you are unlucky or things are unfair? Don’t be result oriented.  A strong mindset can help you to keep looking forward and less stressed.

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