Top 7 Animals in Poker

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  • 21 June,2019

Do you know poker players have a lot in common with animals? Even some legendary poker players had animal nicknames applied to them. For example, Billy “the Croc” Argyros, Hans “Tuna” and Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott.  Several words from the animal kingdom have made their way into poker’s lexicon over the years to describe player types, specific hands, situations and games. So Poker Indian Group, an Online Poker News in India compiled a list of animals in poker.

  1. Ducks

Ducks are the term used in Texas Hold’em poker slang for a pocket pair of twos. They are best when played heads-up preflop against a single opponent. If we say, statistically they are the most favoured to win against every non-paired two card holding.

  1. Crabs

Crabs refer to a pocket pair of threes like the Ducks. They are best folded away in multi-way pots. Of course, unless you can limp in for cheap from late position and hit a set. In these cases, your crabs will scoop a nice pile of chips.

  1. Fish

Earlier, all poker players used to be fish. The beginners and inexperienced with the game, a fish’s knowledge tends to be rudimentary at best. At home games, everyone knows who the fish are. Make sure you never tap on the aquarium, lest you scare them away.

  1. Sharks

This is the most feared animal in poker. Sharks are highly skilled players that reside at the top of the game’s food chain. They feed on fish and feast on whales. So if you notice a shark or two lurking at the table, it means they are probably requesting to change the seat.

  1. Whales

These come to play with lots of disposable income. They play either to blow off steam or for the intellectual challenge of the game. It almost makes them far more okay absorbing a loss as the money means so much less to them. So, playing against them is quite risky because of their bankroll size. They don’t hesitate to get involved in large pots as they know they can re-buy if they lose. Sharks know how to play against these players. But still, like the poor fish can get their bankrolls eaten if they are not careful.

  1. Rail birds

These types of players are found on the fringes of tournament fields. They usually root on family members, friends or who they have got a stake in financially that are still playing in the tournament. Railbirds of a feather flock together at events like the World Series of Poker, a player may have a few to dozens, even hundreds of railbirds cheering for them.

  1. Donkeys

Donkeys have little or no idea about how to play the game. They make loudly apparent to everyone sitting at the table in actions as well as in words. Having a donkey is a sure recipe for a laugh-out-loud entertainment. Even solid players may exhibit donkey like tendencies or mannerisms if they are on tilt or inebriated.

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