How Poker Notes Can Make You a Pro Player

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  • 06 June,2019

Poker players have to deal with lots of information that is being thrown at them while playing at the table or online poker in India. The different types of players, bet sizes, cards being dealt and movements made are too much for a person to keep a track on.

You might not be as gifted as some of the top poker players so one advice that every poker player should listen is to keep poker notes. There are many advantages to use poker notes while playing the game. It can help you when dealing with a player, but you should also remember not to write too much while taking the notes.

  1. Short and simple

It is a top tip for any player using poker notes is to always use abbreviations and shorthand so it is easier to take notes. No need to write long sentences when the action is going at the table. No one will wait for you and keep players waiting for a long time while playing. It is considered a bad poker etiquette. So, create a shorthand and keep it simple enough to understand and should be able to capture everything.

  1. Playing styles

Everyone has a playing style and it is the first thing you need to keep a tag on while playing poker online.  Keep a shorthand for the players who are aggressive and passive. It can help you when you see them making a bet or how thy action when faced with a tricky situation. An aggressive player will bet and call whenever possible and a passive player will wade it out to see how things go at a round before committing to anything. Make this the top point at the note so it is easy to recognize their playing style before doing something.

  1. Keep your notes in check

You could be playing against a certain group of players, taking notes on a regular basis can create pages of information that you might have to sift while playing a game against them. Instead, you should keep on checking your notes and work on them. You might take some time to understand what information to keep on top, but it depends on the kind of player you are up against.  So, keep important information at the top. Work on it and you will never have large bits of information where you get lost.

  1. Date your notes

No player remains static; everyone evolves after a few games of poker. A player you played with a few months ago might change his game completely. This is why you need to keep a tab on what he had done earlier. You may have many notes but referring them can make you more robust in preparation for games. You also need to earlier tips in mind.

The more you use your notes, the better you will learn about the opponent’s style and what to do to counter anything they put up. Poker notes are the way to go. Keep following Poker Indian Group to get latest poker news in India.