5 Ways to Control Your Uneasiness On Poker Table

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  • 31 May,2019

It’s very common to get anxious at the poker table as it has a tense environment.  It is a ruthless game where the seasoned players create uncomfortable situations to intimate other players. As playing the game needs investing real cash, so the fear of losing makes most of the players nervous. The worst is the opponents can smell anxiety and mark you like the fish.  Being nervous on the poker table is one of the biggest reason for losing chips.  So, follow high stakes poker news and learn how to deal with situations and not to make mistakes in the game. Here are some tips to control your uneasiness when you sit at the table next time.

  1. Adjust to the environment

Regardless of where you are playing online or offline get some rest before the game starts. When you sit on the table, you need to be comfortable with the surroundings. Try to spend as much time in the poker room as possible to understand the starting stacks, bind levels, table arrangement etc. In the beginning, try to play fewer hands and watch other players to understand the gameplay. It is not necessary that if a player is sitting on a high stake table against you is the monster of the game. There are also many players who don’t have any clue about game playing. You will feel the flow of the table soon and your nervousness will be gone.

  1. Play within limits

Set a time for a poker session and try to follow it every time you sit on the table. Select the best format and stay in the game as long as you find it profitable. Don’t chase losses and set a stop loss limit as per your affordability.  Disciplined gameplay saves you from losing excessive cash on real stake tables.

  1. Preparation

Anything can happen in the game so you need to prepare yourself for the psychological beatings you are going to get on the table. The more you will practice, the more your patience and confidence will improve. Another great way to gain confidence is to pay attention to happing on the table. Watch the gameplay of your competitors to find their weakness and strength like how often they fold, how aggressive they play, how often they 3 or 4-bets. It will help you to spot the weak players and play the best strategy to beat them.

  1. Music

No matter you are playing online or offline, music will definitely get you into the right mood and can turn your nervousness into enthusiasm. Play the right track that can make you relaxed and help you deal with the pressure in the game. If you find it distracting your game, stop listening to music.

  1. Take a break

If downswings and bad beats are putting a negative effect on your mental state, the take a break from the game and do what you feel like.  Never vent your anger or frustration of losing a pot on your opponents, friends, dealer or social media.  Calm down and regain your composure. It is important to play with a positive mindset only with full potential and reduce the chances of going on tilt.

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