5 Common Signs Indicate Your Poker Opponent is Weak

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  • 29 May,2019

No matter which games you play and learn, be they Spin and Go cash games, or MTT poker strategies, you have to build a solid game plan and use these tells just as additional info when making a decision. Poker Indian Group, an Indian poker news portal brings 5 most common signs indicating weakness in your opponent’s game.

  1. Acting strong

Acting strong in the game actually means your opponent is weak while acting weak means, the player is strong enough. This is probably you have heard before. It is one of the most powerful tells in poker. Maybe this is the oldest tell, but still, now people try to indicate strength while having weak hands. Obviously, no player wants to give the real strength of their hands. So, it’s unlikely to see a player having a huge hand trying to show it to the opponents by acting strong. Most of the players know this tale, it’s not something you can hide entirely. So, it makes a valid point you consider when making decisions.

  1. Shaky voice

Players don’t tend to talk when having poor holdings, they are not ready to do that. If you ask a question and he answers with a shaky voice, this confirms that he feels uncomfortable and would much keep quiet.

  1. Freezing after making a bet

If a player freezes after making a bet, it always indicates that your opponent is uncomfortable. Think when people are not comfortable? It is mostly when they are afraid that you will call and win their chips. To give away the weakness of their holdings, some tend to hide such information by not doing anything-not blinking, not holding. So, when you see someone freezing after making a bet, it is a signal that some weakness and you could conceivably call lighter or consider running a bluff.

  1. Staring at the board or hole cards

When your opponent stares at something for a long time, they are not likely to have a strong hand.  This is true especially when they stare at their hole cards or the board. After seeing pocket aces, you will hide it automatically and put the cards down to the table.  It is extremely unlikely that your opponent would be staring at AA for long and thinking about the good times he will have after winning the pot. So, if you notice something like that it’s a sign of weakness and you can take advantage of it.

  1. Thinking for a long time

When players think a lot and then check, they are very weak. They are considering whether to bluff or not or just to give up on the hand. Otherwise, they would act much quickly as it is an easy decision. If they have a medium strength hand, they don’t have much to think about and are likely to check quickly. So if you see some player pretending to have a big decision and then checking after thinking for a while, you can be sure that it is a sign of weakness.

Use all of the above information to your advantage, and you will surely gain an edge over your competitors. Follow Poker Indian Group and read poker news daily, learn to read your opponents, build effective strategies and win when playing online poker.