6 Different Types of Poker Tournaments

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  • 27 May,2019

When you are just a beginner in poker, probably you will start with cash game. You will sit to play and when you have won or lost, you just get up and go. On the other hand, a poker tournament can seem a bit daunting.

With just making a small investment, you can experience the unique thrill of running deep, stacking up chips and playing for both a life-changing payday and the title of sole survivor. The idea behind poker tournament is every player puts up a buy-in and get a set number of tournament chips. Unlike the cash game, where the players can buy-in for different amounts and leave the table at any time.

Tournaments are a different form of poker. Once you won a few prizes and realized that you can handle the competition, you may decide that it’s your favourite way to play. Whether its big online poker event or World Poker Tour, there are essential tournament tactics you need to know. Poker tournaments provide the perfect stage for you to show off the poker skills and win cash. With so many poker tournaments available, here’s a quick guide to every type of tournaments.

  1. Freezeout tournament

A Freezeout tournament is one of the popular poker tournaments. Here you pay your buy-in and get your chips and play until you run out. A [player cannot rebuy into the tournament and once you run out of chips, it’s over.

  1. Multi-buy tournament

If you love challenges and want to register for the same tournament with multiple stacks, then this tournament is for you. Register multiple stacks at the start of the tournament to give yourself more chips to play and increase the playability of the game from the beginning.

  1. Freeroll tournament

It costs nothing to enter. Freeroll tournaments of all types like Pot Limit Omaha, Razz, Holdem are available on an hourly basis. You can gain an achievement, cash prizes or tickets on a daily basis.

  1. Rebuy

It’s different from a Freezeout tournament. It allows you to buy more chips for a period of time in the beginning of the stage, when you run out of chips during the rebuy period, you can buy more chips. At the end of the period, you can buy extra chips for a final time. This tournament will continue as a Freezeout after the rebuy period ended.

  1. Guaranteed tournament

Having a minimum fixed prize pool amount, regardless of how many runners there are, a poker guaranteed tournament is one of the best ways to boost the bankroll for a minimum investment as you go to the top.

  1. Bounty tournaments

It is also known as knockout tournaments and is all the rage amongst the poker players. The only difference is in these games; you get a cash prize for each player you knock out ranging between 20 to 50 percent of their buy-in.

If you are a newbie or need to brush up your poker skills, have a look at easy and quick poker guides that provides information from cheat sheets to hand rankings and much more. Keep following Poker Indian Group to get online poker news updates.