3 Advantages of Playing No Limit Holdem Poker Games

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  • 24 May,2019

Poker is just a perfect game for people who want to test their power of timing, deception, logic and mathematics. It covers a variety of disciplines and each of them has its own rules. The underlying goal of trying to win the pot by having five card hand or making everyone fold is present in every poker variant.

It is possible to take poker is one of its purest forms, Texas Holdem and weigh up the difference between Limit and No Limit games. If you know the difference between Limit and No Limit, then you can create your own winning strategy. So, Poker Indian Group, online poker news in India brings some of the ways it differs from Limit and why.

  1. Play creatively

The one reason why many prefer No Limit Holdem to Limit is it allows you to be more creative. In Limit, the size of your bet is restricted which means it’s difficult to make deceptive moves. In No Holdem, players overbet the pot with a strong hand if they think the opponent will read it as a bluff.

The aggressive players will re-raise all-in on the river as a bluff if their opponent’s range appears weak. This is not possible in Limit Hold’em. No Limit is a better game as you can play with more flexibility. The upshot of this is you can have more fun, a play that suits your personality and if you become skilled, you can win more cash.

  1. Create pressure

Limit poker is great if you are a player who has a solid grasp of game theory and hand match-ups. If you can do right calculations and your opponent’s perceived range, you can make mathematically correct bets, folds and calls.

The problem arises if you are not an expert player on maths or your opponent is equally skilled. In both cases, the limited betting structure forces you to rely on luck. But when you play No Limit, it’s possible to win if you are the worst player at the table.

You can bet enough to pressure your opponent into folding, your understanding of hand ranges, math or physical tells doesn’t matter much.  If you are skilled enough it will help, but No Limit allows you to win in spite of them.

  1. Be profitable

The final advantage of No Limit is potted can reach epic proportions. It’s a cash game or a tournament, everyone can bet the entire stack which means the cash in the middle is almost irrelevant. While playing Limit, the average pot remains at a low level than the size of the blinds. It is possible to get all the cash in the middle. It would take multiple raises and bets by which time someone will likely assume they are behind or just fold.

Though the size of the pot should dictate the amount you bet to a certain extent. The free-flowing nature of No Limit game means the cash in the middle is the blind level. When you throw overbetting into the mix, things get interesting.

Skilled players can win a lot by playing No Limit. As you can tempt weaker players into making large bets, the scope to make a healthy profit is greater. This is the main reason this variant has the edge on Limit Holdem.

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