3 Essential Tips to Rule On Poker Tournaments

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  • 23 May,2019

Tournament poker is the most popular format of the game because it is through the heavily televised World Series of Poker that many new players are introduced to it. The fundamental principles of No Limit Hold’em are shared between ring/cash games and tournament poker. While there are some strategies that are effective in one than the other. In this online poker India blog, let’s take an in-depth look at the strategies that are important to understand and implement if you want to achieve success in tournaments.

  1. Start Conservatively

The most important principle to get success at tournaments is monitoring the ratio between your chip stack and how much it will cost to play a hand.  It is referred to the M ratio. At the beginning of the tournament if you have a healthy M ratio, getting involved with medium strength cards is not at a good strategy. When you are sitting comfortably, play a hand only if you have strong cards exceptionally or have a position on your opponents.

Don’t be tempted to protect or steal blinds. Employ these tactics later in the tournament when the blinds represent a large portion of your stack size. In the early stages, survival is everything. Building a healthy chip stack should be an objective, but not at the cost of your place in the tournament.

  1. Steal and protect blinds

When the blinds get to a level where it represents a large portion of chip stack, picking them without the flop is the most important strategy in tournaments. There are some conditions when you don’t need to consider your cards when using this tactic. If you are in late position and the players have folded and the two or three players who are going to act after you are short stacked. In this case, you can raise profitably with any two cards, provided you have the discipline to lay down if you are faced with a three-bet.

When you are in big or small blinds and have a healthy stack, don’t be afraid to three-bet when faced with a raise from the dealer. In some cases, they are betting wide just to steal your blinds and will lay down their cards.

  1. Take advantage of the bubble

Closer to the bubble, most of the opponents except that are deep and short stacked are going to tighten up. Obviously, you want to go empty-handed and most of the players just wait for short and deep stack to duke it out. This is where a smart player will start picking up blinds. By paying attention to your opponents’ stack sizes and their playing style, this could be very profitable for you.

Try to take down the pots by taking advantage of the fear that will dominate the table and not outplay the opponents with your advanced moves. You can take risks here but be disciplined about laying down your cards when faced with aggression. The good players are definitely going to use this tactic and protect the blinds.

Tournament poker is fun. Apply these tips and do further reading, you are definitely going to build your bankroll.  So keep reading latest poker news India and keep improving.