5 Tactics To Make Your Opponents Fear You At The Poker Table

By superadmin
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  • 20 May,2019

Poker is a game that is dependent on luck as much as it is on skill. Playing with different players brings a lot of interaction with characters. Some just know it all while others are just trying to get into the game. You might think that going with the flow is the only way to play the game but that is only for a beginner who is thinking of moving to the big league. If you want to win the India poker game, you really need to put the fear in your opponent. Poker is a game of psyching opponents out and here we bring some tips on how to play the game and intimate your opponents.

  1. Intimidation

At the beginning of the game, being an aggressor is the tactics that work against a weak player. Seasoned veterans may not fall for this trick but beginners are suckers for tactics like this. If you are seen as the aggressor in a few hands, the players will let you control the game and will be scared of going against you.

  1. The look

Having a good game works, the look and feel you give to your opponents goes a long way into instilling fear in them. Some of the top players wear loud clothing or go with dark colors to give a negative vibe. Some also wear large and dark sunglasses even they are playing indoors. It is done especially for two purposes. One to scare the opponents or intimidate them and the other is to keep their reactions in check and not give away too much.

  1. Fool the opponent

Another major tactic that you can pick up is to be a messy player. You may wonder why would you want to play the game in a messy way? To fool your opponents, let them bring the guard down and then you can attack them. Make some mistakes, keep your cards and chips in a messy way and other players will think that you are a novice in the game. Lose a couple of easy games and then just take them out when they drop their guard.

  1. Look your opponents in the eye

If you are betting, folding or calling, look at them in the eye and scare them.  Just like a nightmare, this strategy will haunt them and will keep them frozen while you enjoy the game. The psychological effect of this tactic is just amazing on the weak players and should not take this lightly. Try to keep this to a limit and don’t act like a freak at the table.

  1. Rational decision making

Keeping your cool when playing the game is something most players do not do. They just get sucked into the game and make decisions that are emotional and that brings change in fortune. So, don’t let your emotions get in the way while playing the game. Take your time to make the right decision. Don’t get tied down or react on how another player reacts or behaves. It is something a newbie would do.

Keep this tactic in mind the next time you sit at the poker table and follow Poker Indian Group to get Poker news in India.