5 Basic Tips to Stay Focused at The Poker Table

By superadmin
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  • 15 May,2019

Being able to focus for a longer period of time is the most important skill a poker player should have. It’s better to focus during the sessions as it will increase the win rate substantially. Try to give undivided attention to your game, it is far more important than any strategic concept. In this online poker blog, we have listed down some tips that will help you to stay focused.

  1. Leverage music

Music is a great way to stay focused on the game. It can help you to keep you in the zone and also allows you to pay attention to the game. It can be great especially when you are trying to break a habit of using the phone. Music also helps you to keep your mood high.

  1. Meditating

If you never tried meditation you definitely should try it. Some successful people from CEOs to poker players, meditation really works. It is really useful for live players as they have to deal with a number of distractions in the casino. Its benefits fall right in line especially with live players as they have to struggle with a lot of things. Meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety and improve blood circulation.

  1. Put away your phone

When you are trying to focus on a particular task, phones are a major distraction. Most of the poker players focus more on the game and put their phones away It proves they know how much it is important to focus in the game. Put your phone away when you start to play the game, otherwise you are just wasting your cash and preventing yourself from getting to later stages.

  1. Pace yourself

Multi-day poker tournaments can be very draining. It is one reason to not have complete focus from the beginning of the game. If the tournament is long, it can be really exhausting to pay close attention right from the start. There is an argument about this whether you should go on autopilot during day 1. Not paying attention to every hand   and saving your energy for later days is acceptable. Remember, by doing this you are just lowering the expected value. If you are playing a shorter tournament, play you’re A game from the very beginning.

  1. Don’t squander your breaks

When you are playing live poker tournaments, the players have two hours of break on an average. Try to use these breaks to your advantage. Go have a walk for some time.  It will help your focus level and make a fresh start to play after the break. You can check your phone messages, Instagram and Twitter and do whatever you want to. Just get it out of your system before returning to the table.

Avoid distractions and try to hone your focus. Play one table online at a time to just see how everything goes. Despite the downtime, try to stay focused. Hopefully this poker strategy will help you to win the game next time you sit at the table.