4 Tricks to Help You Increase the Win Rate in Poker

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  • 10 May,2019

The amount of cash you win after playing a set of hands is known as the winrate. Many players work out their winrate by looking at the stats in HoldemManger and PokerTracker. These programs will help you to tell work out your winrate for you. If you’re not using either one of these programs, you are missing out.

If you don’t use these programs, then you will have to face trouble figuring out your winrate. However, if you do happen to have your total amount won and a total number of hands played, divide each side by a number that will turn your hands played into 100 and you will get your bb/100 winrate.

Poker is a tough game. So, becoming a winning player is a privilege reserved for a small minority of player only. Achieving and maintaining a positive win rate takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication. With stiff competition, complacency results in immediate and severe punishment. Then there is variance that’s a lot painful for significant winners than for the marginal ones. Follow high stakes poker news and prioritize increasing your win rate over everything else.

  1. Play on multiple sites

There is an old poker adage that when they play tight, play loose and when they play loose, you play tight. It is true in many ways. Sometimes all it takes to boost your win rate is going against the grain and it is true in the case of poker room selection. Few cash players play their sessions on more than one poker room at the same time and there is no such excuse to not to do that. Splitting the bankroll between different sites allows you access to more great deals and more recreational players.

  1. Expand your range

Now as you are playing fewer tables, and you are ready to explore new and exciting options, you might find yourself making +EV plays that weren’t previously in your arsenal. When you are paying attention to the flow of the game, the table dynamics and player history, you can get away with lines that a grinder on autopilot wouldn’t dream of taking.

  1. Play one less table

If you ask online grinders about poker regrets, many will mention that they wish they had played fewer tables and focused on playing their A-game than chasing the highest possible hourly rate. This is not popular advice as poker can be an awfully solitary pursuit.

  1. Stay focused

This is one of the obvious things that every player ignores. Winning at poker is tough and trying to win the game while scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter become downright impossible.

First of all, you might want to take the first advice mentioned in this blog and play on at least one poker room that allows you to table select the old-fashioned way. Second of all, be on the lookout not only for leaks of the individuals that you meet at the tables but also their playing habits. To read such interesting blogs, keep following Poker Indian Group to get live poker news.