3 Simple Process to Thinking Through a Poker Hand

By superadmin
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  • 02 May,2019

You have probably spent a lot of time thinking, reading and studying about India poker tactics and strategies. Maybe you have learned about how the theory can be used to plan hands based on other players at the table. The poker though process varies from one player to another.

The pro poker players are basically fanatical about finding the most optimal +EV line for every poker decision they make. When it comes to planning your hands, all players have no set way of doing things. Often a hand is thought in an inconsistent and unorganized way with no sense of standardization. So, in this blog, our goal is to give you direction on how to hone in on a hand planning process that can be used on every single street you play.

  1. A routineless game

A poker player makes his decision based on the information at hand. But how they use that information varies from player to player. Often exact methodologies can be inconsistent from session to session or hand to hand. Quality decisions may arrive with great frequency without precise and systematic process, optimal performance is difficult to achieve. You need to make a habit out of the way a poker hand is played. The only goal is to come up with the exact routine and consistently think of correct things during a poker hand in the efficient way possible.

  1. Poker athlete

There is a reason the top players in just about every sport do the same thing every time. It is to reset their focus and mind at the beginning of action to make sure they are staying true to fundamentals and building muscle memory for the motions required during the execution of the game. The pattern becomes finely tuned and ingrained for some players that it becomes a thoughtless process. Sometimes players are tired or lazy and find it really difficult to focus and have a definitive structure in my decision making process. It either leads to unorganized or a form of simplified auto-piloting which is detrimental to anyone’s win rate.

  1. Getting Organized

Organize the hands they are played and use a repeatable planning process. It will make sure that every bit of information is applied to each situation. After the routine is implemented, the overall quality of every game we make should be improved.

A routine will achieve a positive effect. Once you start using a decision making process, you will find that it becomes almost impossible to make emotional and hasty sub-par decision. Following a routine becomes an ultimate weapon to combat complacency or auto-piloting which is the underlying cause of long downswings. If you find you are timing out on tables, following the routine, then you are likely playing too many tables. So, it is better to lay fewer high quality hands than a lot of auto piloted or poorly thought out hands.

Follow these 3 process and use them on every single game you play. To read such interesting blogs on poker and improve your game, keep following Poker Indian Group and also get poker news in India.