5 Signs to Spot a Professional Poker Player at The Table

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  • 30 April,2019

In today’s poker world, high stakes poker news is everywhere. Everyone has a chance to cash-in big whether in a cash game or a tournament. From casual businessman to seasoned online professional, everyone has a place at the poker table, but can you tell who is who? Discriminating between the two means the difference between a profit or loss and it might not be as easy as you think. Here are 5 signs to spot a professional poker player at the table.

  1. Alcohol consumption

It is one of the easiest ways to tell whether your opponent is a casual amateur or a professional. It is consuming alcohol, whether it’s a double Jack and Coke or a beer, you can rule him out as a pro instantly. No right minded poker professional player will consume alcohol before or during the game.

  1. Chip stacking

The way a player stacks his chips is an indicator of what type of a player he is. An amateur player will not give much attention the way he stacks his chips. The best indication is when an amateur has his big chips behind his small chips. The professional poker players know that this is not correct. However, the amateur is either ignorant or forget about the rule.

  1. Excitement

Amateur players tend to get excited when different situations occur at the table. Whether some makes quads or three kings fall on the flop, an amateur will get excited and start blabbering as this game is new to him. On the other hand, a professional player will show disinterest to the event and probably smiling and nodding to the amateur comments.

  1. Emotion

Poker is a mind game. The strongest advantage that professionals have over novice players is the ability to control their emotions. A pro will never get upset after taking a bad beat or a suckout. You will not see a pro get ecstatic after delivering a bad beat or winning a big pot. Many pro players will try to fool you into thinking that they are amateurs by faking emotions and blowouts. It will give the impression that they are steaming. But they are not, it just an act to get you to pay them off.

  1. Looking at hole cards

Another important sign you are playing a pro poker player is where their eyes are after the first two cards are dealt. When dealt two hole cards in Texas Hold’em, an amateur will be eager to look at his cards which will give off tells to his opponents. The regular player will not look at his cards right away, just wait and follow the action to come to him before he takes a look. The pro will be staring at you while you look at your hole cards. So, the next time you look at what cards you have, pause and give a glimpse who is observing you.

Many geniuses will endeavor to trick you into supposing they are beginners by faking feelings and victories. It will give the feeling that they are steaming. But they are not, its each of the demonstrations to inspire you to pay them off.

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