Sharad Rao called Aditya Sushant out on Social media for charging High Markup

By superadmin
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  • 26 April,2019

Three days back what started as an innocuous post on poker player groups on Facebook quickly snowballed into a storm. There were big two names of the domestic circuit-Sharad Rao and Aditya Sushant. The problem started when Sushant posted WSOP pack on The Players Group Facebook group. Many responded to it, but not all liked what he had to offer. Rao called Sushant out for exorbitant markup of 1.33 he was charging. He said that Sushant being an admin of the group and a player needed to be more responsible towards the players. Talking about the dynamics of RIU (Return of Investment) and MU(Markup), he was pointing towards Sushant’s offered pack saying that selling this action and mentioning the reasons he did was clearly unethical.

Sushant responded to it and it was equally scathing, and it all went downhill from there, ending up in more players joining the mayhem to take sides. It almost forced the senior admin Dhaval Mudgal to step in and asking both to refrain from personal attacks.  Finally, the debate fizzled out after someone suggested that Sushant and Rao sort it out on the felts. Rao for one was all up for it, but Sushant chose not to comment.