5 Popular Motivations for Playing Poker

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  • 26 April,2019

The best poker players play to make a strong bankroll. But that’s not the only motivation to play the game. Motivations to play vary widely, especially among the beginners and intermediate players. Understanding the reasons your opponents are playing can help you figure out better how to play against them. So, here are 5 popular reasons why people play poker in India.

  1. Play to have fun

This is the major reason why most of the people started playing poker in the first place. There is a pleasure to the company and the sense of camaraderie that focuses on conversation, the drink, food and the common experience. Of course, winning is fun-we’d rather win than lose. For many, that’s not the most important thing, but no one likes to lose their cash. Players who are playing to have fun, losing is the cost of entertainment. So keep the game entertaining and keep players with this motivation from leaving the game prematurely.

  1. Play to pass time

A lot of players into this category especially retirees. They are regulars and typically play habitually. They want to win, but usually winning isn’t their primary motivation. They just want to pass the time and don’t like to go outside the comfort zone. Give them a reason to avoid stress and conflict and you will see that many won’t give you too much worry either in the hands you play against them.

  1. Playing for combat

Some players see poker as the most extremely competitive endeavors like sports. They play with the same determination and combativeness with which they faced opponents on the battlefield or basketball court. Their motto is winners never quit and quitters never win. It is a terrible motivation for a game that is won by quitting when you are behind to win in the long run.

  1. Play to lose

It may seem pathological, but some players want to fulfil their prediction that they are snake bit and can’t win. If you notice them they point at the hand with which they have lost and says like ‘See, told you so’. This is sometimes a temporary illness brought on by terrible beats or suddenly released the inner demon. Don’t try to bluff these players. They are there for the duration until they are crushed completely.

  1. Play to win

These are your toughest opponents. They are concerned chiefly with their bottom line –not just in the short run but all time. They learn, adapt and focus on self-improvement. They care about their image and think that they can use it to their advantage. Their weakness is they are sometimes predictable, but the best of them have learned to be unpredictable as well.

In addition to helping you think about how to exploit your opponents, it might help you to think about what motivations you have for playing other than winning. It will help you if you can see the truth about the things that motivate you to play poker. To read more interesting blogs, keep following Poker Indian Group, an Indian poker news portal that provides the latest poker news for all the poker lovers.