How Playing Multiple Table Can Improve Your Game

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  • 21 April,2019

The biggest advantage online poker has over live poker is that you are able to play at multiple times at a time. Many online poker rooms allow you to open up more than one table and sit and play poker at each table simultaneously.

Advantage of Playing at Multiple Tables

The main purpose of multi-tabling is to increase a player’s win rate per hour. If you are a consistent winner at $100NL table, just imagine how much you could win by playing two tables per hour instead of one. So how about opening up 3 or 4 table at once?

It seems quite simple, by opening up more tables you could earn double amount you are winning currently per hour. There is one important factor that we need to take into consideration before assuming things simple.  It is a fact that your play will deteriorate for every extra table you sit at.

How to Win More Cash by Playing Multiple Tables?

Every time you play multi-table, let’s assume that the amount you expect to win every hour from each individual table will decrease. It is because the attention will be divided between two or more separate tables. While on one table, you can focus all your concentration there.

It is quite difficult to put the players on hands as you will be busy making our plays on table to analyze the plays of the opponents on another. It is not a bad thing as still there is a good chance that you can make more cash overall.

The Optimum Umber of Tables To Play At

The main problem with multi-tabling for extra profit is finding the optimum number of tables that give the biggest win rate each hour. If you play one table at a time you will win a small amount compare to multi-table. But if you play at too many tables at a time then your win rate each hour on the tables can decrease. So, basically you will win less than if you were playing at one table at a time.

Best Multi-Tabling Strategy

The best strategy to play multi-table is playing ABC poker. In this you bet your strong hands and fold weak hands. It is difficult to find enough time while playing multiple tables to make any advanced or tricky plays. If you try too hard to analyze the playing styles of each player at the tables, you will just get too exhausted and your ability will deteriorate further.

Think your opponents as robots and play a solid style of poker against them. You can’t outsmart all of them all the time. If you play better than others every time you sit at the table, then you will be a winner in the long run.

Multi-tabling is a great option for players who are looking to increase its win rate per hour or who are looking to liven things up with online poker. It is not as difficult as you think nor it needs special skills to play at more than one table at a time. However, it is recommended that you ease yourself by playing 2 tables and then increase the number of tables as you will become more comfortable playing at numerous tables.

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