4 Top Ways to Boost Your Live Poker Earnings

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  • 16 April,2019

You might be playing the same style as your online counterparts, but live poker is a different thing. It requires a set of skills for success. Despite sharing the same rules, live poker games are bit different than online. Whether its constant table talk or excessive limping, live poker presents unique variables that may not be familiar to online regulars. However, the nuances of live poker are worth learning. So, in this online poker blog, we have picked up some live poker skills to share with you.

  1. Smart Table Selection

Live poker is slow as only 20-30 hands dealt per hour. So it is important that you maximize your time spent at the casino. One of the best ways to do so is table selection. Good table selection depends on effective profiling. It includes:

  • Alcoholic beverages on the side table
  • Groups that come to the casino for a night out
  • When a specific table is making chaos

Sitting at these tables can be taxing as you will have to tolerate drunks and slow play. It is definitely worth doing if you know how much bigger your edge will be.

  1. Consistently covering the fish

Try to cover the stacks of weaker players at the table unless your bankroll cannot afford it. Deeper stacks is equal to a higher hourly win rate assuming you are the winning player. Before you start playing, make sure you buy a pocketful of chips so that you can top up your stack as quickly as possible.

You obviously don’t want the weak players to notice that you are topping up to cover them. If you have extra chips ready, you can add that to your stack in a subtle way rather than calling staff over time. Be careful not to exceed the table limit accidentally when covering the weaker players.

  1. Protect yourself

There will be some players that look to gain some unfair edges at the live tables. They are few and far between So, watch out for them as you don’t want to the victim of an angle. So, here are some common ones to help you avoid angles.

  • Pump faking cards or chips near the betting line to elicit a reaction
  • Lying about stack size
  • Saying ‘I didn’t check’ even after doing something that looked like a check
  • Making an accidental raise on purpose
  • Lying about your hand strength at showdown
  • Acting out of turn incidentally
  • Sneakily taking chips from other players’ stacks
  1. Stay cool and collected

Poker can be aggravating but getting angry at players is not good for the game and your bankroll. If an opponent makes a terrible call against you but gets there on the river to win a substantial pot. If you feel ridicule that players’ decision making, just keep your mouth shut.

Help to maintain a positive environment where everybody is enjoying themselves. Not only recreational players are likely to stick around this way, but also the polite and ethically right thing to do.

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