Importance of Poker Table image

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  • 13 April,2019

When you are sitting at a poker table, it is very important to be aware of your table image and also the players around you. Table image is what one poker player perceives another players style which is determined by the way they play poker. If a player is not playing many hands and only entering pots with premium starting hands, the other players at the table may perceive that player to be very tight however, they will have a tight table image. If a player is entering many pots and calling raises frequently, they can be perceived as a loose player and thus they will have a loose table image.

What influences table image?

The table image is constructed the way you play poker and it can also be influenced by the way you conduct yourself while you are at the table. It is very normal for the players to build an image through their individual style of play whether tight or loose. But sometimes what you do or say at the table can overshadow it and portray a different style of game to your opponents.

If you are talkative and loud at the table, the opponents may feel like you are having a good time and are likely to play many hands for entertainment and this can create a loose table image. On the other hand, if you are reserved and quiet then you may be able to have other players perceive you as being a tight player. The more observant and advanced players will look straight through what you say or do. They will just let the cards do the talking when it comes to mentally assigning you a style of play.

Benefit of a tight image

The tight table image is beneficial as you are going to enter the pot with good hands. Therefore, if you play only these premium starting hands, it makes sense that you will win more pots than you lose. Your opponents are continuously concerned about your strength of your hand if you have created a tight table image for yourself.

Benefit of a loose image

If you are playing tight your opponents will fold when you have big hands, you are likely to get paid off with these big hands if you have a loose table image. It is because to create this loose image you will have been betting and raising frequently on previous hands. However, the opponents will know that you can’t have a strong hand every time and call you down in the hope that you are bluffing.

You should be aware that the table image is only useful if your opponents are actively taking notice the way you play. If the opponents are not so concerned about the way you are playing, then you cannot create a table image. It can be done mainly at the micro stakes where the opponents are interested   the way they are playing their own hands. However, the importance of table image increases as you move up the stakes and play against more advanced players.