Michael Soyza Wins in APPT Korea SHR 2019

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  • 12 April,2019

The APPT Korea 2019 started on 5th April and will be hosted till 14th April at the Paradise City Casino in Incheon. The Main Event of the series already started and another marquee event, KRW  10 million APPT Super High Roller saw Day 1 being hosted. It attracted a total of 62 players and only 21 of them progressed to Day 2.

India’s Yasheel Doddanavar was in the mix of Day 1 and was going good for most part of the day with a big stack. Unfortunately, he was railed by China’s Jiang Chen before the bubble burst at 10th place.

The progressors started the final day with blinds at 10k/20k/20k (big blind ante) with Japan’s Ken Obara in the lead. Malaysia’s Michael Soyza railed Kun Jiang early in the game with Fours. Later, Soyza crashed with Jiang Chen again, but now Chen’s Aces prevailed over Soyza’s ladies.

About an hour later, the 9-max FT was reached with Soyza, Chen,Obara, Russia’s Irshat Shaykhovand 5 other players in it.  Obara was eliminated at 8th place, after fellow countryman Hideki Izutsu fell down (9th – KRW 17,736,000), for KRW 23,240,000. Soyza went aggressive later and won a big pot against the Russian and Chen but Chen doubled up through Soyza himself a few hands later.

After the elimination of China’s Huahuan Feng at 3rd place (KRW 83,480,000) by Soyza, he entered heads-up with Chen again and a little back and forth happened before finally Soyza put the tournament to an end making a club flush beating Chen’s gutshot straight draw that didn’t materialize. Soyza took home the first-place cash prize of KRW 178,890,000 (INR 1.08 Crores) and Chen KRW 128,432,000 (INR 77.73 Lakhs).