How Bankroll Management Can Help Your Game

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  • 03 April,2019

When you think about poker, what first comes into mind? Probably big bets, audacious bluffs and scooping huge piles of chips after a successful hand. But what most players don’t realize is beside strategies, tactics and ideas in poker, the most important thing is bankroll management.

In online poker India, looking after your cash is a good habit to get into. In the game, this is called bankroll management and it’s every bit is important like knowing what cards to play and when. Some of the best players build their bankroll gradually. They don’t think about trying bigger tables until they are fully ready. If you are interested in this, here are some tips to help you make a pro player.

  1. Choose Your Strategy

Are you a kind of player happy with small stakes or someone looking to build your skills and eventually, your winnings too?

If you are playing just for fun, your bankroll doesn’t have to be huge. As long as you have cash set aside for poker, losing it will not spell disaster. If you want to play to make your bankroll strong, you need to be a lot more prudent to build your bankroll and don’t get it over your head.

  1. Keep Records

Keeping records is important for a healthy bankroll. Every game you enter has buy-in costs and returns. Recording how much you have won or lost on a day, hours played, time of day, opponents, site statistics and what mood you are in. You can use this information over time to work out your weaknesses and strengths, improve your game and calculate your hourly profits or losses.

  1. Moving Up Limits

Do you think you are prepared for the next level? This point is how you can use a portion of your bankroll effectively. For example, you are comfortably beating the smaller games and you have increased your bankroll by a third. Use this extra cash for buy-ins at the next level. If all goes well, then you could be playing these stakes regularly. If something went wrong, you still have enough to keep honing your skills at a level you can beat.

Every player has its comfort zone. If you think losing a third of your bankroll feels less like losing a few buy-ins and more like losing half your rent. Then the best advice is to stay where you are and don’t push it. Playing with stress won’t help you to win the game.

  1. Learn from Professionals

Professional poker players manage their bankroll like they are running a business, taking out cash to live on and building a bankroll at the same time. It takes a lot of discipline and planning, that’s why many people stick to the day job.

So, to succeed at poker at any level, you need to protect your cash. Just play within your means and don’t bet more than you are prepared to lose. So, keep following Poker Indian Group to get all the latest poker news India.