Sriharsha Doddapaneni Made It to Final 100 In EPT Sochi Main Event

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  • 27 March,2019

The European Poker Tour Sochi ₽191,800 Main Event witnessed an impressive turnout this year. It saw the field size grow 758, slightly less than last year’s record. Day 2 began with 305 surviving players and after 8 hours of play, only 100 were left. Aleksandr Denisov lead the pack with 1,017,000 stack, India’s Sriharsha Doddapaneni (214,000) was the only Indian who made it to final 100.

Doddapaneni came into Day 2 with a stack of 128,500 and did well to spin it up to 214,000 by the end of the game. He was the only one from a group of 5 Indians to make it to Day 3-Anant Purohit, Jayjit Ray, Kartik Ved and Aditya Sushant were eliminated on Day 2.

The 758 entries helped to generate RUB 145,500,000 (₹15,55,15,549) in prize money which was to be divided among the top 111 finishers. The money line was breached right towards the fag end of the game with a min-cash good for ₽364,000 (₹3.89 Lakhs). The remaining 100 players are chasing a top prize of RUB 27,475,000 (2,93,66,252).

Other notables include Sergey Chantsev (645,000), Maksim Pisarenko (547,000), Ezequiel Waigel (519,000), Viktor Ustimov (505,000), Anatolii Zyrin (294,000), Matous Houzvicek (276,000) and defending champion Arseniy Karmatskiy (78,000).