Perfect Way to Deal with Bad Flop in Texas Hold’em Poker

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  • 26 March,2019

New poker players don’t know how to react when they hit a great pocket, raise and then miss the flop.  So, Poker Indian Group that gives online poker news updates for all the poker lovers brings some tips on how to deal with this situation.

Many times you will get a nice A-K or K-Q in your pocket. It is a good hand to raise. So you up the pot four times the big blind because you’re playing a good game. Some folds and some call, you can also get aggressive opponents who re-raises and call that too. Then the flop comes out 10-8-6 and so on and in this situation you don’t have any idea what to do. You have already put a lot in the pot and obviously, you don’t want to lose that but you have nothing. You know you shouldn’t continue past the flop if you have nothing.

In these situations, maybe you can bluff, but you are also afraid to lose your cash. Usually, 9 out of 10 times, a player calls as they want to stay, but don’t want to raise.

What Happens When You Get On a Nasty Flop?

When your opponent assumes you don’t have a big pair as you have called. So what does he do? It doesn’t matter what he has, he raises and pretends to have something like a high pair. As he knows that you probably didn’t hit on the flop. Even if, for example, your opponent only has Q-J, pocket cards are worse than yours, he will take the pot from you if you check to him.

A similar scenario would be when the less desirable flop comes out, the opponent plays before you. You haven’t called in the previous one, the opponent raises flat out. Now, you need to make a decision, do you call him and continue?

Perfect Way to Deal with Bad Flop

You get nice pocket cards, raise before the flop and when the flop comes out, it’s completely useless to you. In these scenarios, keep your cool and don’t get stubborn. Just stick to your plan, if you have nothing at the flop, just fold.

If your hand isn’t nice and tight by the flop, just fold them. You need to know when to hold them and fold them. You should just fold and give up the battle. Wait for a better opportunity to attack. Don’t just go into a gunfight holding a knife.

In Texas Hold’em online poker, when you raise, but miss the flop for a long shot, don’t put more chips in. Have integrity with yourself to fold the cards and wait for a better hand when you do hit the flop and have a nice hand to work with.

You simply can’t afford to lose all your chips to weak hands because you want to stay as you had already put many chips. This is the trap generally amateurs fall into, so don’t fall for this trap.