Texas Hold’em Poker Tips for Playing Suited Connectors

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  • 25 March,2019

It can be really difficult to know how and when to play a suited connector in Texas Hold’em. If you neglect the important factors like stack sizes and opponent’s tendencies, then you will likely make mistakes.

Suited connectors are the most appealing hands of all in poker. As happy as you may feel when they hit, they are also a deadly hand for your bankroll if you are playing them wrong.

There are many ways in which we can ensure that we play it wisely. Make it +EV cards rather than long-term losers. In order to improve your game, follow online poker news India and incorporate these tips for playing suited connectors into your game.

Tips for playing suited connectors

Here are some tips for playing suited connectors that will increase your odds of winning when playing pocket cards.

  • Play these types of hands from late positions as much as you can. It can assess the activity of the table before you commit.
  • Get to the flop and see where you stand. All your strength with these hands lays in your ability to match with the flop.
  • You should hit 4 of 5 cards you need on the flop at a minimum. If you have three, then do not pursue.
  • Try to avoid committing large amounts of chips preflop. Just get to the flop to see where you stand.

There are two ways of betting. One is the cheap way and another is an aggressive way. The first one aims to limp in, check and call to move forward through the cards until you hit the 5 card hand. The latter one does an average amount of betting along the way for different reasons.

Being aggressive is a less risky option. This is for a few reasons like:

  • Sometimes you win the pot because your opponent folds as you bet out.
  • You jack up the pot so that it’s bigger when you win it.
  • If you play an aggressive style, it tracks you a bit. These players generally don’t give away even they are playing a weaker hand. It allows you to maintain a table image.

We have gone through a lot of Texas Hold’em tips for playing suited connectors. Here, the key takeaway is the strength of these hands in landing the killer straight or flush. So, make sure you think before making any move.

Playing suited connectors can be a powerful addition to your poker strategy. It is not so difficult if you understand which scenarios to avoid. So, if you want to know how to play it the right way to follow Poker Indian Group, one of the most trusted poker online sites in India.

Often, the most difficult part is having the discipline to get of the way-  suited connectors are too pretty to fold. Just because these suited connectors look great, it doesn’t mean they will always play great. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the blog and found it useful.