Propositional Poker Player Can Be a Great Career Option

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  • 24 March,2019

Getting paid to play a game is every player’s dream, especially in a game like poker. Did you know you can make it a reality? Read this blog right now. Poker news India brings you a complete guide of how you can make your dream come true. There are lots of benefits you can get from playing poker.  This fantasy job is called a Propositional poker player also called a Prop player. These players are paid by the casino to join poker games and paid an hourly wage. They also keep shorthanded games from breaking and can be found live and online poker rooms.

Prop poker players play with their own cash. They are not shills who play with casino’s cash. A poker shill is different than prop players. A shill plays with house cash and has rules of how hands must be played.  Often they are not allowed to raise any hand. Shills check a lot and don’t see many flops. Check raises are not allowed for shills while props are free to play normally. They are rather paid to keep the game going and keep games from breaking down. The winnings or losses are completely his or her own.


Props must abide by a set of rules. It includes playing games that are shorthanded and leaving it becomes full. They should also be courteous to players. The part of job is to create a friendly environment that customers will enjoy. Some poker rooms also schedule during slow times of the day.  It may include mornings and weekday afternoons when it’s tough to get a game off the ground.

The online props should keep their agreement with the site secret. They are not allowed to discuss the agreement with other players. Doing so gets the prop fired. The props must be identified upon request of another player due to gaming regulations.

Prop Player Pay

A prop player is paid by the house out of the rake generated.  The online sites give the players a percentage of the rake paid. The amount is generally 100 percent rakeback. Smaller rooms that are desperate for action may pay as high as 125% rakeback. While the larger sites may give only 70% of their action back.

Online props are not allowed to participate in promotions offered by poker sites to regular players. They may enter online poker tournaments at poker sites, even those with guaranteed prize pools. The admin fee on tournaments are not usually included for them.

Live poker rooms put the prop players on payroll. The amount paid is usually minimum wage. They generally have a set schedule. These players at casino poker rooms qualify for all promotions that other player may win.

Being a Propositional player has several advantages. The major one is you get paid to play poker. It can be a great job, if you really enjoy the challenges of poker. You can meet new people, play as much as you want and get paid for it. It doesn’t need heavy lifting, long meetings or other such elements. So, if you are a poker lover, this is the right job for you.