How to play against these poker maniacs at the table

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  • 23 March,2019

When your opponent at poker table starts to be a lot and raise more than their fair share of hands, they are labelled as ‘maniacs’. So, our Indian poker news portal gives you a close view of these maniacs. Here are the four categories:

  • Predictable maniacs
  • Opportunist maniacs
  • Erratic maniacs
  • Professional maniacs
  1. Predictable maniacs

These types of players are generally thought of most as a maniac by a lot of players. They bet, raise, re-raise almost every hand pre flop and a lot of hands on the flop too. You can’t even guess what hand they are holding as they do the same thing every time. You can make few observations about these players. You will notice that these players tend to slow down on the turn when you call them down. So, when they re-raises you on the turn, it means they have something.

  1. Opportunist maniacs

These poker players seem to act like predictable type. But they have a different pattern that inspires them to be aggressive. Some like to raise a lot of hands after they win a big pot to keep the table on tilt or play the rush. Some can go on tilt if they lose a hand so to make some cash they have lost back from the next pot. So, by studying them carefully, you can figure out what they are doing and also set a trap against them.

  1. Erratic maniacs

These types of maniacs are tough to play against as they play tight for a few hours and then suddenly start raising 3-4 hands in a row. Initially you may put these players on a good hand until you see a showdown or raising consistently than they have good hands. It’s quite difficult to get into the flow of their game to take advantage of their game. If they stay long at the table, you will see the pattern of their game take shape and work out how to nullify it.

  1. Professional maniacs

These types of players deserve their own category. They are the smartest and expert poker maniacs you will meet at the table. They will sometimes play ultra-aggressive as they have studied other players at the table. They know if they are dealing with a lot of tight players or anyone who shows fear. Like others, they will also raise lots of pots, but there is a big difference. Once they hit the flop, they will change from being a maniac to playing tight aggressive poker.

Many poker players can make mistakes against these types of maniacs for having nothing when they bet all in on the river and end up calling off their whole stack. Don’t give these players much action with weaker hands.  Just focus on raising them with good hands and remember what they show down with against other players.

Hopefully these blog will help you to combat different types of maniacs you will meet at the poker table. Remember to look for the pattern and have the courage to play back at them.