Global Poker League makes its TV debut on Colors Infinity

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  • 23 March,2019

India is acknowledging poker as a mind sport and poker leagues with team based, sportified format central to this change. It was brought to India by Mediarex-owned GPL in partnership with PokerStars India, GPL India debuted in 2018 as first long run poker league.

Online qualifiers for GPL India ran on PokerStars India from June end last year. Shortlisting six city based GPL India teams was quiet tough.  But the next challenge was even more daunting. In the Bootcamp, 60 online qualifiers met the Team Managers and judges. They were evaluated on their skills, personality and ability.  Once five-member teams were drafted, they engaged with one another on the felts leading to the finale. There the winning team won 5 Platinum Passes each worth ₹20 Lakhs for the PSPC, hosted in Bahamas in January 2019.

The TV broadcast of GPL India Season 1 is now running on Colors Infinity and Colors Infinity HD since 9th March. The first four episodes encapsulated the excitement of the Bootcamp and the subsequent Draft Day where the teams were announced, next is the league’s Regular Season. With two episodes being aired from 7 to 8 PM every Saturday, the GPL India fever is catching up fast on TV.