Shekhar Agarwal speaks about poker and life off the felts

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  • 20 March,2019

Poker Indian Group is dedicated to bring you all the latest news of poker across India. As a part of these activities, we conduct exclusive interviews with some of the top players in the industry. The latest poker pro that we decided to speak was Shekhar Agarwal who secured third position in DPTXpress Sikkim in ₹5K Burn ‘N’ Turn Event.

The Deltin Poker Tournament Express Sikkim held from 14th to 17th March 2019 at Deltin Denzong – a land based casino located within the Hotel Denzong Residency in Gangtok, the capital of north-eastern state of Sikkim. This is second iteration of DPTXpress after its successful first edition hosted back in September-October last year.

The events crowned winners in Debashis Bal (₹5K Burn ‘N’ Turn for 1.60 Lakhs), Ankit Jajodia ₹15K Main Event for ₹3.25 Lakhs) and Sandip Jhawar (₹10K Bounty for ₹85,000) and Aayush Aggarwal and Risab Dalmia (₹10K Tag Team for ₹81,300).

Poker Indian Group took an interview of Shekhar Agarwal who secured the third position in ₹5K Burn ‘N’ Turn Event.

  1. How you got introduced to Poker?

“It’s been around 7 to 8 years since playing with friends. It’s started as a home game then just kept it playing.”

  1. What motivated you to make this trip?

“This was the first time I played a tournament in India, before that I was in UK so I used to play there. Basically, I am from Silliguri. So whenever I knew in India tournaments are happening (live tourneys), I wanted to try it out as it was nearby my hometown and see how things work here.”

  1. When did you start playing poker?

“It’s been around 6 years. I started it just for fun purposes then liked the game so I tried to learn more about it.”

  1. Any particular strategy you follow while playing poker?

“I follow mixed strategy like I try and observe players, seeing every hand how they are playing and try to guess their strategy and accordingly as for the table I adjust mine Sometimes I play aggressive and sometimes defensive. So, it depends the type of game I am playing and with whom I am playing.”

  1. Do you have any advice for other poker buddies?

“It’s a great initiative happening in India with so many poker sites and tournaments. Keep on playing and be safe. Don’t get too involved that you end up losing all your cash. So, you need to keep a balance in your work life and keep poker as a hobby.”

A huge thanks to Shekhar Agarwal for taking the time out to talk to us and giving us insights into his life as a poker professional and what it takes to be involved in this game. We wish him best of luck in his poker ambitions and hopefully we will see more poker series in the months to come. Until keep following Poker Indian Group for more such exciting news.