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  • 16 March,2019

Fish in poker is someone who isn’t deemed to be a very good at the game. These players have never heard things like pot odds, even they had they wouldn’t worry about it. These poker players can be a great source of income to be more experienced types of poker players as they make basic errors. Playing against a fish is not always easy. So, Poker Indian Group, an online poker news India suggest some of the following strategies to play against fish.

  1. Have Confidence

If you already a poker player, you are aware of the players who continue to limp into pots and then call any raises. It smells of slow play which means that you are being led into a trap by an opponent who is trying to get most of his monster hand. Normally, you’d be advised   to check and fold if your opponent put in a big raise, but this doesn’t work when you are playing against fish. Calling every hand is a typical way for a fish to play. The new players focus on the cards they are holding and can’t help wondering what the next card will bring. They believe that the next card may give them a hand so they can’t just throw their cards away. However, they will risk their chips to view the next card When you come across these kind of players, the best way is to value bet your strong hands as much as possible.  If you are holding a mediocre pair, bet strong on each street if necessary. Be confident in your hand and don’t feel yourself being put off by the players who are calling you continually.

  1. Be Patient

We mentioned above about the idea of playing hands aggressively, but it is important that it also deserves heading of its own. If you have a decent hand bet out on it.  Playing against fish needs you to be patient. So it may be that you have folded many hands before you get dealt something decent. When it happens, just make sure they pay off.  Don’t think that limping into the pot will encourage people to throw chips into the middle of the table. Remember, fish don’t need a second invitation to see a flop so if they see some cards, just make sure they pay for the privilege.

  1. Stay Focused

It’s common for fish to call your bets all the way down to the river. Most of the time, they won’t have anything and you will be happily pulling their chips towards your side of the table. If a player continues to go all the way down to the river, he is going to hit the card he is looking for once in a while. Eventually, you are going to be hit for a bad beat. When this happens, you need to be focused. Nobody like to suffer a bad beat, but it’s imperative to know that your opponent has just got lucky. This is the way you want him to play. So to encourage him to keep playing in this way, tell him that you had no idea he was holding a monster. Don’t criticize him or start laughing for his actions as it can affect the game. So, keep him playing in this way.

Don’t be the fish, beat the fish.