How to Break Your Bad Run in Poker?

By superadmin
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  • 04 March,2019

You are not alone if you have experienced a bad run of cards over a period of time. Every poker player deals with a bad run of cards, but still, survive to get out of the bad spell to win.

Running bad can take many forms and shapes. Either you can get you to cash in with a two pair against a flush draw and lose or you are always running your KK into AA. You can also experience the secret kind of bad run where you flop a set against QQ, but the turn card is a King and now QQ doesn’t pay you off. You need to remember that you are playing online poker, so you need to be prepared for the inevitable.

Poker has never been a game of certainty. Playing consistently doesn’t mean you will have a more consistent result. Remember, most of the hands have a chance of winning even if it doesn’t seem at first. A few things you can control as players are the lines and the reactions. The lines can make you win cash with an edge. You also need to keep your emotions in control and be neutral as much as possible. Yes, when you are playing online poker, you need to stay neutral even in the chat room. Poker Indian Group, the latest poker news India brings few suggestions to help you break your bad run.

  1. Take a break

Many poker players suggest taking a break when you are experiencing a bad run. It is true as running bad can affect your game. This is especially when a tilt begins to take its toll on your game. The more you tilt, the longer your break should be.  So, by taking a couple of days off from the game will do the trick.

  1. Keep calm & grind on

Once you start running bad, you need to accept that it is a part of the game. Depending on your personality, it could be either good or bad advice. If you can play well when facing adversity, then this can be your preferred option. If running bad affects you too much, it can create added tilt. So, in this case, just take a break.

  1. Play tighter

When running bad, some poker players suggest tightening your game. But it is not the correct advice for the players. If you are running bad, maybe because you are putting cash in with an edge and coming out behind. Why would you want to play tighter and miss spots where you can put cash in with an edge? So, this is how you can play.

Our suggestion would be to combine all these suggestions into one amazing advice. Playing a new game can sometimes distract you from running bad. You don’t need to play for real cash every time. By learning a new game, you should be able to grow and hone your poker skills while giving yourself a fresh perspective on your game.