Why novice poker players lose most of the time

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  • 03 March,2019

Any new thing involves a learning curve. When trying something new, we always make some mistakes.  Poker is no different. Even the players who have been playing poker for many years still make mistakes. There are a few common mistakes players make, especially who just begun to learn the game. These players often find themselves tripping over the same obstacles on their journey to become an experienced player.

Bumps in the road will happen. But what matters is what you do to come across those challenging moments. So, Poker Indian Group an online poker news India brings 5 common mistakes you need to know to avoid getting stuck in those situations.

  1. Don’t Play Every Hand

Sometimes the news players feel like they need to play every hand. This happens for many reasons.  It includes wanting to be a part of the action, want to impress other players and not wanting to give away a bad hand. Remember, you will not do well if you play to impress others as you are not focusing in your game. Worrying about impressing others is a distraction.

  1. Not Knowing Math

Knowing how to size bets correctly and understanding pot odds and implied pot odds is a critical part of poker. If you can master this, you will have a better sense when to fold and when to play. Many new players don’t take time to learn the probabilities. Instead, they play extremes by betting too much when the cards excite them and betting too little when the cards disappoint them. A poker should never have caught up in these emotions. They should analyze the situation and proceed to make choices that maximize potential winnings and minimize losses.

  1. Bluffing So Much

Many players get into bluffing as it is exciting and enjoyable to bluff successfully. Eventually, your bluff becomes no longer believable. In other words, your playing strategy will be easy to read for the duration of the game.

  1. Stop Thinking

Poker is a game of relative values. It means you don’t need a monster hand to win the game. You just need a hand that is better than your opponents. Don’t think that if you have a monster hand, you are going to win. The hand might look better, but your opponents might do better once the flop comes.

  1. Being Afraid to Make Mistakes

Some players are afraid of playing until they know that their hand will win. If they are uncertain of their hand, they fold. People who do this think that other players play the same way. When a timid player sees someone playing aggressively, he assumes that the aggression is a sign of good cards. Then he folds even though the other player is bluffing.

These are some of the mistakes new poker players tend to make. Remember, you are not going to win every hand- accept that and just move on. Just recognize the profitable opportunities in the game. You don’t have any control over the good or bad cards that you are dealt, but making the best of your situation is in your control. That’s how you win.