Interesting Poker Tells You Should Know About

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  • 28 February,2019

A good poker player has the ability to read an opponent’s mind at the table. This is why you hear about ‘poker tells’. Tell is any physical reaction, habit or behavior that gives the other players information about your hand. If you learn the common poker tells, it will help you to watch your own behavior and make sure your body language isn’t telling your secrets. Not only that, but you can also watch the habits of other players at the table. If you read your opponents tells, you can make the right decision against them and win more cash.

Often there is a unique set of skills many players need to adapt to make sure they do not give any tells when playing poker. So, Poker Indian Group, an Indian poker news portal brings a complete overview of the top 5 poker player tells. Remember when you next practice your skills, go in front of the mirror and watch how you play each hand.

  1. Impatience

In poker, you need the patience of a saint. Players should not be in a rush to take their turn. If a player who is impatient or very eager for his turn usually have a very strong hand. Impatience of a poker player can often be a player’s downfall. So, be aware of such players and monitor the hands they are playing when showing impatience at the table.

  1. Counting Chips

If a player goes all in with his chips, it is an indicator that you think you have the hand required to win the pot on any round of poker you are involved in. Some players try and intimidate other players into thinking that they have a strong hand by looking at the opponents chip stack. Then immediately counting up their own chips as they intend to go all in on their next turn.

  1. Fake Smile

When a player interacts with others with a fake or nervous laugh it indicates that something is not right with that player’s hand. Social nature of poker is one where interaction and humor with other players are expected. So an obvious tell is where a player is nervous or changes its mannerisms suddenly. So be alert to these changes in a player you are playing against.

  1. Twitching

Any type of nervous twitch is going to be jumped upon and noticed by other experienced players. For example, if you twitch any of your body part control that twitch. Otherwise, you are likely to give away your playing strategy and will be at the mercy of those experienced players.

  1. Funny Behavior

Another major tell that often inexperienced players don’t notice is when they try to get funny or tease another player. Distracting other players when they are trying to play their hand is a vital part of bluffing or playing a strong hand. So look out for a player who cracks funny jokes or a one-liner and starts to tease the other players.

Follow these poker tells, it will help you to improve your game and take it to the next level.