David Tai: The godfather of booming poker in Taiwan

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  • 26 February,2019

The exponential growth of poker in Asia has seen Philippines and Vietnam emerge as popular destinations for tournament poker. Right now, Taiwan is also getting a lot of International attention. Even the top Asian brands like APT have caught on to this emerging market with the emerging of APT Taiwan series. The series kicked off on 23rd February at Chinese Texas Hold’em Association Club in Taipei.

Until now, poker was considered illegal and a legal poker room was only a dream. But David Tai has made this dream come true. The founder of Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association, he is undoubtedly the godfather of the booming poker scene in Taiwan.

As a flag bearer for a poker in Taiwan, he was instrumental in getting poker legalized in the country. Tai has a personality that has spearheaded the growth of poker in the country.