Team Thailand claims victory in PPWC Teams Event for PHP 7 million (₹95,53,656)

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  • 19 February,2019

After three days of heated battle at the PPPoker World Championship, Team Thailand rose to the throne crushing Team Malaysia at the finals. The winners walk away with the first place prize of PHP 7 million (₹95,53,656). The runners-up won PHP  3 million ₹40,94,424 for their efforts.

The Teams Event had a juicy PHP 10 million (₹1,36,48,080) guarantee to be split 70/30 between the top two teams.  The Teams Event saw 10 teams enter the arena ponying up the PHP 550,000(₹7,50,644) buy-in to enter.

Team India was one of the 10 teams in the event.  Captained by Pulkit Totla the team comprised of top pros like Jasven Saigal, Aditya Sushant, Kalyan Chakravarthy, Abhinav Iyer, Sajal Gupta, Sahil Agarwal, Rishab Jain, and Akshay Nasa.

Unfortunately, Team India was among the first teams to get eliminated with Team Chinese Taipei on Day1. Only 8 teams advanced to Day2. When the play halted on the second day, the field narrowed down to the final two Teams-Team Malaysia and Team Thailand.