How Physical Fitness Can Affect Your Poker Game

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  • 18 February,2019

It’s really important to know how much exercise or physical activity are important.  It can improve your health and also reduce the risk of developing many health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many more things. Exercise and physical can have immediate and long term benefits. Only a thirty minutes of exercise a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits.

The problem of a poker player and lack of physical activity is that they can play when they want, get up whenever they feel like and also quit. If you don’t have your exercise schedule, you will probably face the pain in the back, neck pain and headache.

As Hippocrates once said that walking is the man’s best medicine. If you want to keep your mind and body stay healthy and want to make sure you can play your best at the poker table, then introduce some physical exercise into your life.

If you look at most of the successful poker players and their lifestyle, you will not get many of them look overweight or unhealthy. The reason of this is being they have started taking nutrition and fitness seriously. Follow Poker Indian Group, the latest poker news India and know the names of top poker players in India.

Physical and Mental Health

The lifestyle of an average poker player isn’t the healthiest way of living.  As it says, “sitting is the new smoking”. Poker players develop many diseases and disorders associated with lack of physical activity, prolonged sitting and isolation. So, it is relatively easy to prevent this by introducing some physical activity into our lives.

Poker players generally spend a lot of time living unbalanced lives behind the computer screen so they can develop the mental imbalance. Depression affects 10 percent of the society. According to the studies, at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Exercise and Memory

The disconnect between mind and body that we mentioned before is ingrained so deeply in our consciousness that the effects of exercise on the mental performance is poorly researched. Some studies have shown that physical fitness can also boost our memory and cognitive skills. A recent study shows that swapping your evening poker study session for a gym session can yield better results than burying yourself in coaching videos, spreadsheets and databases.

There are many bad beats and make you lose too much cash. In those situations, it’s difficult to be stable and play good poker. If you decided to play poker in the long-term, it’s good for your game to start with some physical activities. You can try some yoga and meditation before you start playing. It helps you to increase mental control, recognize problems and increase awareness. It can help you to make faster decisions and keep your mind clear of distractions.

Positive thinking, calculating pot odds and expected values are important things for the poker players. Meditation is known to be a great way to strengthen your thought process and also falls perfectly in line with the concept of the power of positive thinking.