Be Aware! New AI Sensors Can Beat Your Poker Face

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  • 15 February,2019

The key to outwitting any poker players often rests in the face. A blank expression never gives away a good or a bad hand has become one of the most iconic looks for the professional poker players. But a new artificial intelligence system can change it entirely.

A new technology can make maintaining a poker face a tad bit difficult in the future. Scientists say that their program can see past the façade of someone’s expressions and even the best poker players in the world.

Poker news India says that the poker face is the most important part of a player’s psychology. A flashed grin or a subtle sigh off the flop can tip off experienced players to the strength of their opponents’ hands. A good player needs to maintain its composure when they bluff. Even something as seemingly insignificant like chip placement can give away a player’s strategy. Showing too much emotion in either direction forms a bullseye for savvy opponents.

As the game continues, it becomes even more difficult as players get eliminated and the pot grows. With more cash on the line, the pressure grows. For a vet, it doesn’t take advanced technology to see a player is on a tilt and poised to lose a bankroll.

Dolby Laboratories chief scientist Poppy Crum detailed the company’s new innovation that can see right through someone’s expressions. Dolby developed a AI system and combined sensor that can tell whether someone is lying, posed for violence or infatuated, Crum said at a big ideas TED Conference.

Crum said that it’s the end of the poker face. We broadcast our emotions. We will get to know more about each other than we ever have.

The sensors can track micromovements on the faces that most people don’t realize they give off. For example, eye dilation shows how hard a brain works in processing its surroundings and maintaining a particular reaction to those surroundings. When there is a rise in skin’s temperature, it often shows that the body is under stress or even when someone is feeling romantic affections, Crum noted.

These micro-expressions in a person’s breathing can reveal hidden feelings. The technology developed by Dolby Laboratories can read those cues and analyze the patterns. The technology can increase the empathy humans feel towards each other. It can give an accurate reading of other’s emotions that aren’t capable of. Poppy Crum said that it’s really scary on one level, but it’s really powerful at the same time.

She said that she is not here to create a world where the inner lives are ripped open, but to create a world where we all can care about each other more effectively. She hopes that this technology will promote the benefits of better understanding humans rather than encouraging malicious and manipulative behavior.

It’s fascinating to think that technology can allow us to monitor someone’s most indistinct physical reactions in order to determine their veracity. It will be really interesting to see how that translates to games like poker. The players need to remain confident which is the most important part of the game transcend any new technology.