How Tight Aggressive Poker Strategy Works

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  • 13 February,2019

Do you have a tendency to lose more in poker game? The best way to win it and earn cash is to follow a tight aggressive poker playing. Tight means to be selective in deciding what hands to play and which hands to fold, while aggressive means the style of betting. However, tight aggressive style is one in which a player plays only 20 percent of the hands and that also the best ones. They bet aggressively when holding strong hands. Poker Indian Group, the Indian poker news portal brings some of the advantages to play tight at the poker table. You can also check our blog on characteristics to become a poker player.

  1. Great Slow Playing

Tight poker players are experts at slow playing as it is one of the most profitable moves in their arsenals. When the players flop a set or another monster hand, they make sure to extract maximum value from you. If that means check calling until the river, that’s what they will do. When they are playing against calling stations, they will make value bets or value raises to beef up the pot. They will do whatever it takes to maximize the profit in a big hand.

  1. Know How to Manipulate Your Aggression

An expert tight poker player knows how to manipulate your aggression. Many players believe that tight players don’t understand how weak they look in a game. The fact is that they are aware of their betting patterns. when they pick up a big hand, it will work as their advantage or they get to play a speculative hand in the blinds and flop lucky. They will make the same weak plays and also let you throw your cash at them.

  1. Suffer Prolonged Losing Streaks

Just contrary to popular belief, the average tight players are not going to suffer prolonged losing streaks that many players suffer though. You will not see average tight players throw cash continuously at a bad game when they know they can’t win. They usually call it quits or enact a stop loss or whatever to get away from the losing game. The players may not win or get to the top three very often, but they do turn a profit a little more than the average players and it makes them enough to try again.

You will seldom see a tight player go an insane run like some poker players. They have a nature which will not allow them to gamble or loose up enough to allow themselves to go on a crazy run of cards.

  1. Know How to Avoid Crazy Games

Sometimes you will hear poker players talking about how they lost a significant sum in the game which was “too juicy” to avoid. It can result in massive earnings, but can also cost a significant chunk of your bankroll when you are running badly. Tight poker players take calculated risks only and avoid the games that can decimate their bankroll.

Tight aggressive poker is the most predictable style and it also works out well in the long run. So, if want to be a better poker player and earn extra cash, this is one of the best playing style for you.