Ankit Kapoor crowned DPT Feb 2019 ₹35K Main Event for ₹22.50 Lakhs

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  • 12 February,2019

The Deltin Poker Tournament 2019 has finally come to a close with the culmination of ₹35K Main Event. It declared Ankit Kapoor the winner. He has been on a final tabling streak since last November when he reached the final table of two WPT India events 2018. He got down to business with a final table finish in the opening event at the series. Eventually he placed 3rd for ₹2.90 Lakhs. He bested Mayank Jaggi in the final showdown and claimed his best score of ₹22.50 Lakhs.

The ₹35K Main Event is the centerpiece   of this popular series began on 8th February. It was hosted across three starting flights that registered 286 entries (91 from Day1A,114 from Day1B and 81 from Day 1C). Nine-handed final table had been formed by the end of Day2 and Kapoor was leading who did not relinquish his lead till the very end.

After masterminding the eliminations of Rachit Prakash, Arun Karthik and Ankur Sehgal, Kapoor had amassed a massive chip lead over heads-up opponent Mayank Jaggi. Even as Jaggi fought hard to remain in contention, it did not take long for the event to wrap up and Kapoor, deservingly, took down his first-ever live tournament title.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Ankit Kapoor – 23,95,000
  2. Sai Raveesh V – 14,40,000
  3. Ankur Sehgal – 10,90,000
  4. Mayank Jaggi – 8,40,000
  5. Rachit Prakash – 7,10,000
  6. Meherzad Munsaf – 6,75,000
  7. Dhaval Mudgal – 5,55,000
  8. Arun Karthik – 4,75,000
  9. Dhiraj kumar Totala – 4,10,000