3 Important Strategy to Win Sit and Go Tournament

By superadmin
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  • 10 February,2019

The Structure of Sit and Go poker games is much like regular tournaments. Blinds go up anywhere from every 6 to 15 minutes and the starting stacks are usually somewhere in between 1500 to 3500 in chips. You will find Sit and Go poker tournaments at most online poker rooms as well as some brick and mortar casino poker rooms. Usually, the top 3 players are paid out in a 10 man sit and go. Depending on the Sit and Go structure the payout varies. It is best to look at the tournament lobby and find out what the setup is.

Below are some tips for playing Sit N Go Poker Tournaments:

Find a game that has a decent chip stack and slow-moving blinds. Generally, a decent structure looks like 1500 in chips and 8-minute blinds. the more minutes and the more chips the more the game will favour skill versus luck. This is mainly because if you are not in a hurry to play you can play a tight aggressive strategy which is ideal for most tournaments.

  1. The ideal strategy for these games is to play a tight aggressive game until the blinds get high enough to warrant a change in strategy. Usually, if you will fold all your marginal hands in the beginning and be patient by the time you reach the second or third blinds level several players will have been knocked out. So hand selection is important. Early in the tournament play hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, 1010, and AJ aggressively raise for value and play the hand as you usually would. If you meet much resistance with some of the lower pairs or you don’t catch a pair fold and don’t invest too much.
  2. Limp in with any pocket pair 99 to maybe 55 or 66 and hope to spike a set if you don’t get out. If someone raises preflop fold. The main idea here is to not get involved in hands that will break you early on since only the last 3 players remaining get paid you want to let the other guys knock themselves out. Every time someone gets knocked out you get closer to the money. some of these games you will see get crazy early on. Just stay out of the way and let the crazies kill themselves off.
  3. Once you get down to about 5 players and the blinds get high you want to loosen up some of your hand selection and try and run some positional raises. If you have been playing tight then you should have a tight enough table image now to get away with some steals. Don’t overdo it but raise in a late post with hands like A8 all the way to A3 if no one has entered the pot before you. If you have been playing tight the other players should have picked up on this and give you some respect. When you get down to 4, players will really start to tighten up because they are so close to a money finish. Once you see that happening take advantage and try to make some steal bets.