Jamie Kerstetter turns vegan and wins $10,000

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  • 09 February,2019

The poker community has always been happening and vibrant. Jamie Kerstetter, a well-known female poker pro  decided to go vegan  for a year. She announced this on twitter. Here’s the tweet:

” I’ve gotten myself into a vegan prop bet”

-1 year 2/6/19 – 2/6/20 for $10k

-Blog updates atleast 2x /month 

-If I quit, @bp22 choses the places I volenteer 100 hours

-1 year to complete 100 hours or I owe $10k

The idea of going vegan was initially put forth by a tweet by David Tuchman. He made a post on Twitter and tagged poker legends Liv Boeree, Daniel Negreanu, Bill Perkins, Doug Polk and Darryll Fish.

“I feel a prop bet coming… if you’re a meat eater, how much money would you need to go vegan for a year?”

Tuchman’s tweet received many replies with unreasonable amounts. But Kerstetter replied to his tweet saying, “Probably $10k – interested in doing it anyway and it would cover the more expensive grocery bills,” and the prop bet had been dealt, courtesy of Perkins. Negreanu, who is known for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, himself being vegan, replied to Kerstetter’s reply saying, “Let me know if you ever need any help or advice.”

Bill Perkins, bet $10k for Kerstetter to go vegan, had also previously posted a prop bet for weight loss and the brothers and poker pros Staples, Jaime and Matt, both signed up for it and subsequently lost a lot of weight and earned the $150k from Perkins.