Getting Sufficient Sleep Can Make You a Better Poker Player

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  • 08 February,2019

Poker players always look into ways to improve their game. Most of them read books to learn the latest poker strategies or watch their favorite pros to improve their game. One thing that everyone can do easily to improve their skills is to get more sleep. Not only as a poker player but in general, to function optimally, getting adequate sleep shut-eye is key.

Players who play online tournaments at odd hours are at risk of doing damage to their well-being as well as their performance on the table. However, getting 7-8 hours of sleep on a regular basis can make a lot of difference. Indian Poker News Portal sums up some of the reasons how sleep can affect your game.

  1. More Focused

Having trouble focusing for long periods at the poker table? Sleep can improve your focus. Lack of focus can be one of the major reasons players make mistakes at the table. Often this lack of focus comes from fatigue. If you get enough rest each night, your focus will improve and you will find that you can focus for a longer period of time during each session or tournament. Adults need a minimum of 6 hours of sleep per night. Many doctors recommend 8 hours to be at peak functionality the next day.

  1. Improve Memory

Sleep is also important to process and retain information. During sleep, our brain organizes information and remodels the synapses.  It helps us to remember important information over the long-term. However, a lack of sleep can disrupt communication and make it difficult for the brain to retain information.

  1. Better Decision Making

When you’re rested well, you will make better decisions at the table. Improved memory will help you to remember how your opponents played against you. You will think clearer and retain information which will allow you to make the best decisions at the table. This game is all about making the best decisions, so more sleep can help you make better decisions that make more cash over the long-term.

  1. Less to Tilt

If you get proper rest, the ability to control your emotions improves. A lack of sleep can make you emotionally vulnerable which can contribute to tilt. If you are tired even little things piss you off. Adequate sleep allows you to control your emotions better that results in less tilting at the tables.

  1. Health Will Improve

Studies have proven that getting sufficient rest can help to improve one’s health. People who lack sufficient sleep can suffer from a wide variety of health conditions like heart disease and more. Adequate sleep is one key factor to improve your health and translate into better results at the poker table.

Make sleep a priority especially in multi-day tournaments. Most of the opponents will not be doing so, and your attention to this basic need will give you an edge on them. If you are looking to make an investment on poker, do consider upgrading your sleep. As discussed, rest can significantly improve your game and overall quality of life.