Poker And Kids – How Good Is The Game For Them.

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  • 03 February,2019

Would you teach your children poker? Today numerous teens across the world are now starting to play poker online but when it comes to young children most parents shy away. It is perhaps due to the ill reputation the game has developed in the past few years especially in India. However, there are other parents who believe that poker might be too challenging for young kids.

Is Poker Good for Kids?

Having played the game for almost a decade now, I can assure you that poker is one of the best things you can teach your child. It is an exceptional game of skill that can help kids to develop their mental abilities like critical thinking, analytical and interpretive skills. Poker can also improve their social skills and build confidence in them as well. However, it is imperative that you teach them a child-friendly format of poker in India.

Bill Gates, one of the most successful men on this planet, swears by his poker adventures and how it helped him boost his analytical skills during his college days. He says “In poker, a player collects different pieces of information — who’s betting boldly, what cards are showing, what this guy’s pattern of betting and bluffing is — and then crunches all that data together to devise a plan for his own hand. I got pretty good at this kind of information processing.”

So if you are still wondering if you should teach your kids how to play poker, then here are 4 great reasons to start right away.

Poker Makes Kids Observant

Poker is undoubtedly an excellent way to teach your children to be more observant. When kids play poker games such as Seven Card Stud, they need to gather and process lot of information which will boost their observation skills at a fundamental level. You can also teach them to study and analyze the other players and understand tells, however that can a little advanced for some kids.

Poker Improves Critical Thinking Skills

With the advent of social media, today kids seem to lack critical thinking skills and hence they are unable evaluate situations. Indian poker can actually help to change that. The Five Card Draw game is perfect to teach your children as it is easy to understand and utilizes basic strategies which kids can come up with. Parents can teach their kids about the number of cards which a player draws and modify their strategy depending on what another player is trying to draw. However, if you make the game over complicated then kids just might lose interest in poker.

Poker Teaches About Risks

Risks are an inherent part of life and the sooner our kids learn about it the better it is for them. Of course you will protect them from any risks for as long as possible. And this is why poker online for fun is a great way to teach them about the significance of risk and how to analyze it in a safe and controlled way. Poker teaches kids and teens about risk and reward. Playing the game teaches them about odds and probabilities and helps them understand the cost and dangers of going all-in. This will make them more cautious in life and they will think before doing anything risky next time in real life.