Fun Internet Games For Ardent Lovers Of The Internet

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  • 02 February,2019

Okay before you read on, I know what this topic sounds like. But this poker news in India platform will not send you to deep ends of the dark web where any stranger you meet may just be a psychopath! This is the most harmless list of fun online games for all video gamer geeks to play while online, to have fun while still being productive and also making friends online.

The internet has a great variety of games available online in all categories you can imagine, be it card games, board game, shooting games, RPG or just any other game you can imagine. Every other day new games with innovative concepts are making entrance into the market every day.

Here’s a list of the best games you can play online with strangers:

Online Poker

An old adage goes well with this game, “don’t play poker with strangers, they do not care how good you are”. And that is precisely why you should try your hands at the game. You can make a hefty secondary income from this game, by playing online. According to recent reports the Indian poker industry is a blooming cottage sector that is almost worth over 120 million.

With new poker sites coming up every other day, the competitive offers from the gaming portals are almost irresistible with special promotional tournaments. You can win almost 10K right off the bat after beating some strangers online playing the game with you paying as less as INR 50/-. All you need to succeed at this game is a little bit of strategic thinking and a good understanding of math behind the pot odds. You can know the best deals in online poker news at various sites posting daily poker news in India.


This is definitely a classic game that has remained unturned by the tide of time. Chess is a popular age old brain game that requires well-thought calculated moves to beat your virtual opponent and win. Some fans of the game even go on to suggest that it is not just a game but a frame of mind. It includes important brain boosting activities like assertion, logical thinking and improvising of strategies.

Internet chess is the best version for fans of this ancient mind game.


India also has a bustling rummy industry online. The distribution of those cards with their patented swiping sound is resonant with excitement. The game begins with equal distribution of 13 cards between 4 players at a table. The players play to complete sets with their cards. Online rummy has truly redefined this old family favorite card game amongst Indians.