Do You Know These 5 Bad Habits Can Affect Your Success in Poker?

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  • 27 January,2019

A bad habit in poker is an undesirable behavior pattern. These habits can affect your success in poker. They aren’t easy habits to break, you can beat these demons by repetition and positive reinforcement. Poker news India has listed a lot of them, Poker Indian Group has listed 5 top bad habits that you should put a stop right now.

  1. Ready to Fold

Many poker players get into the habit of lifting their cards and fold before even their turn comes to act. It may not matter to you in that particular hand, but it can affect you in future hands when your failure to act in this manner may prevent players with borderline hands from entering the pot. Seeing you aren’t about to fold, they may also figure you are strong and fold themselves, however depriving you of their money.

  1. Glancing at Chips On a Strong Flop

There are many players who look down at their chips when they hit a good hand on the flop. Don’t do this by consciously refraining from this eye movement after you look at the flop, whether it helps or hurts your hand.

  1. Sitting in The First Seat

Don’t make it a habit of getting into the first seat quickly in the first game you see upon entering a poker room. You obviously want to be in the best seat in the game. If there are no good games, then you may want to pass on a session entirely. The differences between a seat in the game and the first seat   can make you win or lose the session. If you have a habit of taking the first seat you see, then you are depriving yourself of one of the best opportunities to engage in profitable play.

  1. Slouching

The habit of leaning down on your elbows and collapsing your head and neck into your shoulders can drain energy and prematurely end what might be an otherwise long and profitable session. So try to replace this bad habit by allowing your head and torso to be more erect and your shoulders relaxed.

  1. Counting Chips

Generally, newbies make this mistake by getting ready to bet when you have a strong hand by getting ready with the chips early.  Don’t do this. Just delay the quick action of the game by waiting until it is your turn to act before you count your chips you are going to use to call or raise a bet.

To be a poker pro, you need to adopt good poker habits. So, to know what are they check our article Good poker habits you need to get addicted