5 Biggest Reasons to Play Poker Online

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  • 26 January,2019

At first, many people are exposed to poker through the live format. It can mean playing a cash game or tournament at a local casino or even in a friend’s house. The social element to live poker games can undoubtedly be fun. But there are more benefits playing poker online rather than live. Whatever your goals or level of expertise you may have, we can tell you why you should play poker online.

  1. Lesser Risk Of Temptation

There has always been an argument that the ease of access to the game can encourage reckless behavior. There is a big advantage of playing at home – you don’t have to prove your worth to anyone.  Isn’t that’s the biggest element of gambling? The sheer desire to be seen as a winner in front of so many people is quite alluring. It not only encourages you to play more games, but also bet higher. When you are playing online, you only bet with your money which you have to transfer either through a bank account, credit card or other online services.  Unlike the real world, here you can’t bet your accessories like watch or other stuff to fuel your ego.

  1. Convenience

Waiting is one of the downsides to live poker compared with online.  Playing live requires you to commit a couple of hours at least to being in one place. The major advantage of online poker is that you can play as long as you want or can also short the time.

  1. Wider Game Selection

Online cardrooms offer a wide game selection as they are not limited by space to accommodate the poker tables. Game selection is a key factor and also makes a difference between losing and winning. Online poker rooms offer many games at the same limits and you can pick one that you can beat. In a casino, they may be offering only one game for the limit you want to play and changing tables becomes difficult.  You can easily change tables online.

  1. Availability And Variety

There is always a game ready online for you. It is available 24×7 and you can play whenever you want to. You can easily find different formats like Sit-n-go’s, ring/cash games and MTT tournaments, different poker games (NL Omaha, Texas Hold’em etc.). You can also find all at different stake levels (micro 2-cent tables to high stakes).

  1. Greater Chance To Win

As an online poker, you can play more hands as the automation of dealing increases the hand speed.  This results to have a greater chance to win.  You can also check the statistics to know   how successful you have been till now.  It makes you realize your weaknesses and helps you to improve and win more hands in the future.

Before you play online, you need to sign up with poker rooms.  So, do a thorough research before joining a room.  Remember, different rooms have different features and sign-up bonuses, so follow online poker news India conduct a comparison before joining.