Meghalaya considering running licensed casinos in the state

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  • 24 January,2019

Over the decades, India has always been very much against sports betting, gambling, poker and other things that would come under the ‘gaming’ bracket. But every once in a way we get some good news of liberalization in this industry and here’s another one.

So far, only Goa, Sikkim, Daman and Diu allow legally permitted casinos. According to the latest reports published in The Shillong Times suggest that Meghalaya is also contemplating passing a gaming bill and considering the possibility of running licensed casinos in the state.

The report claims that the state administration is looking at Byrnihat in the Ri-Bhoi district as the possible location to allow opening up of casinos. It is a good news for Meghalaya and also for the gaming industry in India. There is a lot of internal political support to the idea of allowing casinos to set up shop in the state. As many feel that it will boost the tourism industry and will bring in much-needed revenue.

The Meghalaya Prevention of Gambling Act,1970 will need to be amended to make way for the successful operations of casinos in the state.  The Government is wary about social and moral consequences that could emerge if they go ahead with the proposal.